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Churnkey ↔️ Stripe Integration

With Churnkey's Stripe integration, connect your account to unlock boosted revenue, dynamic offers, payment recovery, customer timelines, and more.

With our Stripe integration, we’re everything your customer-obsessed team needs to improve retention, automatically.

Personalized Cancel Flows

Lower cancellations automatically while making customers happier and driving more revenue. Use the best cancel flow in the business and reduce active churn up to 51%.

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Modern Payment Recovery

Get paid before it's too late, without having to become a payment recovery expert. Optimized by AI models, ready to go in minutes. Recover up to 89% of failed payments.

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Powerful Metrics

See how healthy your customer base is at a glance. Understand the top reasons why they leave your product and what made them stay. Keep an eye on accounts that seem to be thinking about leaving.

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How our Stripe integration works...

Connect Stripe to Churnkey and install our native Stripe App

We'll start ingesting your data down to the invoice level as you get your account ready to launch.

Process cancellations and apply offers

From pauses to plan changes to discounts and everything in between, Churnkey uses all the tools at our disposal to reduce voluntary churn.

Recover past-due payments

Using our modern dunning infrastructure, Churnkey's intelligent retries, recovery campaigns, and dunning offers get to work immediately.

Uncover business insights

Gather cancellation feedback, track detailed churn and revenue data, and let our AI get to work on processing your qualitative feedback.

Reinvest boosted revenue

Leveraging our robust tracking infrastructure, you'll know how much revenue Churnkey boosted for you by lowering voluntary and involuntary churn.

Leverage Customer Timelines

See how customers respond to invoices, cancel flows, and payment recovery efforts. It's the essential link between your billing, feedback, and dunning systems.

Leverage Your Stripe Billing Data

One connection unlocks everything you need to boost subscription retention

Connecting Churnkey to Stripe unlocks our full suite of automated retention products. With little effort, you'll boost revenue by reducing churn automatically through personalized cancel flows and failed payment recovery.

Sync Key Metrics
Native Stripe App

We were one of the first native Stripe Apps in Stripe Marketplace

Within your Stripe dashboard while using Churnkey's Stripe App, you'll immediately be able to understand the effect that Churnkey’s cancel flows are having on your business’ topline. See the top reasons for customer cancellations, recently retained and lost customers, and set up alerts to keep your finger on the pulse.

Churnkey's Stripe App

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  • Stripe

    Connect to Stripe and you'll unlock boosted revenue, dynamic offers, payment recovery, customer timelines, and more.

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  • Chargebee

    Connect to Chargebee and you'll unlock boosted revenue, dynamic offers, customer timelines, and more.

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  • Braintree

    Connect to Braintree and you'll unlock boosted revenue, dynamic offers, customer timelines, and more.

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  • Paddle

    Connect to Paddle and you'll unlock boosted revenue, dynamic offers, customer timelines, and more.

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  • Zuora

    Connect to Zuora and you'll unlock boosted revenue, dynamic offers, customer timelines, and more.

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  • Slack

    Connect to Slack and your team can experience cancel flow sessions as they happen in a dedicated channel.

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  • Churnkey API

    Churnkey's private APIs can stream custom events into your data warehouses, databases, and data lakes.

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  • Churnkey Webhooks

    Sync data in and out in real-time with any data source in your retention stack.

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Everything your team could be using right now...

    Personalized Cancel Flows

  • Personalization for every customer
  • Unlimited cancel flows
  • Unlimited customer segments
  • Custom attributes for advanced targeting
  • A/B testing engine
  • Subscription pauses
  • Discounts, delays, plan changes, other offers
  • Automatically extend free trials
  • Anti-gamification measures
  • Custom branding
  • No-code editor
  • Multi-language support
  • Custom CSS support
  • Unlimited team members
  • Dynamic flow branching
  • Block functionality for paused accounts

    Payment Recovery

  • Personalized for every customer
  • Unlimited recovery campaigns
  • Unlimited customers
  • Pre-written and optimized campaigns
  • One-click payment processor setup
  • Collect partial invoices
  • Discount future payments
  • No-code setup and editing
  • Custom branding
  • Hosted payment update flows
  • Customer-facing billing history
  • Customer-facing cancellation notifications
  • Precision Retries outperform the industry
  • Block functionality for past-due accounts
  • Multi-language support

    Reactivation Campaigns

  • Personalization for every customer
  • Unlimited reactivation campaigns
  • Unlimited reactivation segments
  • Enhanced timing logic
  • Custom attributes for advanced targeting
  • Email infrastructure optimized for max deliverability
  • Use cancel reason, customer health, & more...
  • One-click reactivation experiences
  • Personalization for every customer
  • Custom branding
  • Hosted payment update flows
  • No-code setup, creation, and editing
  • Fallbacks for every edge case
  • Multi-language support

    Customer Health

  • Identify customers most prone to churn
  • Dynamic customer base risk scoring
  • Predict monthly revenue before it happens
  • Analyze customer sentiment over time
  • Unlock segmentation via health scores
  • Bring your own value metrics to enrich your ML model
  • Customer tables sorted by low, medium, high risk
  • Bespoke model trained on your billing data

    Metrics Suite

  • Track Boosted Revenue, key metrics over time
  • Trended, benchmarked cancellation reasons
  • Understand offer performance over time
  • Insight AI for qualitative feedback analysis
  • One-click payment processor setup
  • Cancel flow journey breakdown
  • Session recordings for every customer
  • Activity feed of every flow session
  • Real-time activity feed of customer status
  • Recovery success over time
  • Intelligent retry tracking
  • Trial conversion tracking

    Setup Services

  • Personalized setup call
  • Cancel flows built for you
  • Recovery campaigns created for you
  • Testing sandbox
  • Concierge migration from any other providers
  • Responsive email and live chat support


  • Support for Stripe, Paddle, Braintree, Chargebee, other integrations with key billing providers
  • Native Stripe App
  • Robust real-time webhook infrastructure
  • Slack app for real-time alerts
  • Dynamic email reports
  • Churnkey API for integration with any external apps such as Hubspot, Segment, Klaviyo, Salesforce, more

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