A Modern ProfitWell Retain Alternative

Why choose Churnkey over ProfitWell Retain?

Churnkey is the modern ProfitWell Retain alternative that supercharges all aspects of customer retention, treats your customers with respect, empowers all of your internal teams, and accelerates revenue growth.

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Read a real, recent ProfitWell review...

“ ProfitWell's reporting is slow to update. It will sometimes take hours for changes to show up. It's almost like they have someone manually updating the data. Also, it appears that they haven't updated the user interface in 5 years at least. They are ready to have a worthwhile competitor. ”

No Churn

We respect what ProfitWell achieved. But Churnkey is now moving the subscription economy forward.

ProfitWell was a pioneering product when they launched in 2012. Modern churn reduction software wouldn’t be what it is today without them.

But you’re here for a reason. After ProfitWell was acquired by Paddle in 2022, their progress froze. Metrics became unreliable. Retain products went into maintenance mode. Paddle’s sales reps started showing up in ProfitWell customers’ inboxes. And on top of that, existing customers still need to email ProfitWell Support to make any edits or customizations.

So if you’re okay with entrusting both critical and sensitive customer-facing retention operations to an outdated and fraying platform, then Churnkey isn’t a good fit for you. But if you care about offering world-class customer experiences, empowering your teams to do their best work, and improving every aspect of customer retention, then you’re at home with Churnkey.

Churnkey gets materially better outcomes for high-volume subscription businesses.

Your MRR on Churnkey
Save more cancelling customers

Our average save rates are nearly 2x that of ProfitWell. Lower cancellations automatically while making customers happier and driving more revenue. Don't you deserve the best cancellation flow in the business?

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Recover more failed payments

Our average recovery rates are above 64%, while ProfitWell's are, at best, 54.2%. We've seen numbers as high as 89%. So get paid before it's too late, without having to become a payment recovery expert.

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Increase customer LTV by 28%

We take pride in handling every delicate customer touchpoint—failed payments, cancellations, subscription pauses, win-back campaigns—with the utmost respect and care. That means that your customers will be more likely to return again and again.

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Reactivation campaigns with the best targeting

We've seen win-back campaigns running at a 34% reactivation rate. Why? Because of our effortless segmentation: cancellation reason, Customer Health score, sentiment, and more capabilities that ProfitWell doesn't have.

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Analyze messy product feedback at scale

Churnkey gathers so much data at these delicate customer touchpoints that can change the trajectory of your business for the better. The only problem? Making sense of it. That's why our AI gets to work for you: categorizing everything for your teams.

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Predict customer churn likelihood

Your teams have to do more with less, now, and we're well aware of that. Customer churn prediction helps you be more strategic with your team's time, so they know when to engage your best customers, predict at-risk revenue, and track feedback trends.

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Churnkey handles retention for modern, customer-obsessed teams...

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The top reasons teams choose Churnkey over ProfitWell Retain.

Don’t box yourself into ProfitWell Retain's fraying ecosystem. Let Churnkey handle your retention, so you can get back to building your product and growing revenue.

We don't get in your way

Make changes, run tests, deploy segments. All when your team needs it. Not when ProfitWell's support team is able to get back to you—which can be days, weeks, or never. Nothing so critical should be left to chance.

Our product respects your processes

"Set it up and we'll do the rest." It's a fine sentiment, but it makes you look like every other business. While we know what works and have strong opinions about it—you still have the freedom to stand out from everyone else.

Reporting you can (actually) trust

Ever since Paddle's acquisition, ProfitWell Retain's gotten a little dusty and slow. On the contrary, we're using the latest APIs and databases so you don't have to wait for results. Ever.

Transparent pricing, built for ROI

Every pricing plan is built for the unique needs of your business. No funny games. No fuzzy baselines. No unrealistic fixed pricing schemes. We work with you on pricing, always.

Daily product updates

Free from the shackles of integrating with a parent company, our platform is thriving and is growing stronger every day.

A support team who cares (and is timely)

Response times, thoughtfulness, and thoroughness are staples of our culture. We are always working to prove that we're your trusted retention advisers—from implementation and beyond.

Reduce Voluntary Churn

Deploy unlimited, personalized, A/B-tested cancel flows at scale.

With Churnkey —
you can create dynamic cancellation experiences without any code changes. Segment your best, worst, and every customer in between. All with bespoke flows, offers, and copy, pushed live with one click. That's why our flows have the highest save rates in the business. And have we mentioned the Pause Wall? It'll blow your mind.
With ProfitWell Retain —
send everyone through the same static flow, using outdated practices. Want to make a change? Contact support. Wait. Repeat.
Personalized Cancel Flows
Recover Failed Payments

Turn on the next generation of payment recovery in one sitting.

With Churnkey —
you'll leverage our machine learning models, powerful Precision Retries, innovative Dunning Offers, segmented campaigns, one-click card update flows, and in-app Pay Wall to deploy a 360°, white-labeled dunning solution that's seeing recovery rates at nearly 90%.
With ProfitWell Retain —
send everyone the same, tired email campaigns while relying on outdated API connections and your payment provider's retries infrastructure. If you're lucky, you'll see recovery rates above 54.2%.
Failed Payment Recoveries
Win Back Former Customers

Leverage our platform to create insanely targeted win-back campaigns.

With Churnkey —
you can take Cancel Flow responses, Customer Health scores, sentiment, risk level, and all the metadata you can ever imagine to create the most targeted reactivation campaigns in the industry. That's why our customers are winning back up to 34% of their old customers.
With ProfitWell Retain —
you know the drill: send everyone the same, supposedly-optimized, vanilla win-back campaigns that may or may not perform. Hint: they don't. Not like ours.
Churnkey Reactivations
Make Better Product Decisions

Make sense of all of your feedback—qualitative and quantitative—with our Insights AI.

With Churnkey —
you'll collect lots of feedback. So much that it might feel overwhelming. What do you with it? Who should read it? We get it. That's why our AI gets to work for you, categorizing, collating, and organizing everything. So your teams—product, marketing, support, you name it—can make informed bets on what to improve next. After all, who else is going to do this for you?
With ProfitWell Retain —
there's no effort to collect, much less make sense of, any feedback you gather.
Effortless Feedback Analysis
Transparent Pricing

We price everything so that it makes sense for you, not for ProfitWell.

With Churnkey —
pricing is built for your specific needs, based on your business' unique metrics, with full awareness of factors like seasonality and margin pressures. With all of this in mind, we ensure your pricing is always fair and sees at least 10x ROI.
With ProfitWell Retain —
if you're at scale, there are murky baselines and take rates. If you're just starting out, they'll promise you the world for a low, fixed price. But the story changes quickly when you find success.
Pricing that Makes Sense for You
Free Your Data

Pipe your data anywhere within your organization, with whatever method you choose.

With Churnkey —
send data out to our Slack App, Stripe App, Data API, or webhooks. It's up to you. Churnkey collects such rich product- and customer-centric data that can be used by any team within your company to make better decisions.
With ProfitWell Retain —
your rich metrics and insights are stuck within a fraying platform with outdated APIs. Data you collect fresh will always be at risk of being orphaned.
Free Your Data

We lower churn better than any product in the industry...

A Baseline Churnkey Experience

Voluntary Churn Drop
Time to Integrate
35 mins
Avg. LTV Increase
Recovered Payments

Let us show you how Churnkey outsmarts legacy churn software.

We’ll take you on a quick, friendly, no-pressure walkthrough of what we do. And you’ll see why so many companies are graduating to Churnkey's churn management software to boost revenue, recover failed payments, make customers happier.

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