Personalized Cancel Flows

Are your subscription cancellations getting out of control?

Lower your cancellations, make customers happier, drive more revenue. Use the best cancel flow in the business and reduce active churn up to 51%.

Reduce cancellations up to 51%
Effortlessly increase customer loyalty
Extend LTV every month
Cancel Flow

“ Churnkey keeps our customers around longer and takes care of those difficult situations that could make them unhappy. They make it easy to improve retention across the board. ”

Brian Dean
CEO, Exploding Topics

Cancel buttons are blunt instruments. And they're capping your subscription business' revenue. Why suppress your long-term growth when you have Churnkey? Every cancellation attempt is an opportunity to craft a better relationship with your customer. When you do that, you'll build a bigger subscription business.

In less than an hour, your customer-obsessed team can turn your cancel button into an AI-optimized retention engine 👇

Boost Revenue Every Month

This is the easiest thing you can do to increase subscription revenue today

You could have saved dozens or even hundreds of customers in the time it took you to read this far. We exist to make your subscription business more money while making customers happier. And we know it works. On average, our customers extend LTV by over 26%. So if you want to run a healthier subscription business, let’s begin. We're already protecting over $240 million in ARR.

Boost Revenue Every Month
Benefit from Decades of Research

Achieve the unthinkable: offer positive cancellation experiences for everyone

When you deploy cancel flows, both your customers and your company benefit from what we've learned from the best and the worst — from massive tech companies to shady subscription call centers. We've distilled only the most user-friendly, customer-centric practices to guide your business into retention nirvana. We exist to make your customers happier while increasing your top line.

Benefit from Decades of Research
Personalization At Scale

Every cancellation is different — speak to every individual via automated personalization

By automatically identifying what makes each customer unique, Churnkey helps you recognize and even empathize with every possible situation and respond accordingly. We'll help you assemble your business' most meaningful variables and build flows around them.

Personalization At Scale
Get Closer to Your Customers

Discover what customers value most and least about your product, then deliver what keeps them

Targeted offers, plan pauses, plan switches, and a host of other intelligent discounts. You need a wide array of tools at your disposal to deliver the right offer to the right person at the right time. We make it easy to respond quickly to the needs of your customer base. Track, edit, and deploy new offers without asking anyone's permission.

Customer Base Equilibrium
Active Churn Reduction in a Passive World

Cancel flows so effective, your failed payment recoveries deserve them

Your personalized flows don't just empower your cancel button. When you use Churnkey Failed Payment Recovery, you'll deploy the power of your intelligent cancel flows for last-ditch offers, payment method updates, and more.

Active Churn Reduction in a Passive World
Wired into Insights AI

You don't learn anything if you don't measure it

Our feedback analysis AI is always working on your behalf so you can sift through the raw data we gather at the point of cancellation. In addition to live survey results and cancel flow session recordings, there's no better way to understand why customers leave, what offers could use tuning, and what you need to do to improve your product.

Wired into Insights AI
Anti-Gamification Built In

When it comes to cancellation offers, your peace of mind is guaranteed

While extremely rare, some customers might try to game the system and take advantage of your cancel flow offers. Not with Churnkey. With built-in cooldown periods, you can require customers to wait a number of months before taking another discount.

Automatically Extend Free Trials

Accelerate free-to-paid trial conversions with automatic Trial Extensions

When you use Churnkey's Trial Extensions within our personalized Cancel Flows, you'll get valuable customer feedback while gaining more time to make an impression. Retain a greater number of trialing customers while discovering more effective trial durations. And in the meantime, you'll buy more time to make your customers happier.

Wired into Insights AI
Pause Wall

Recognize paused accounts and gently block feature access without any dev time

When paused customers return to your app, remind them that they've paused while blocking feature access. Churnkey's Pause Wall provides an easy way for customers to reactivate paused subscriptions.

Pause Wall
Build with AI

Cancel flows, done for you: just let our AI write and rewrite your flows

Generate cancel flow steps, copy, and offers with a simple prompt via our AI. Control tone, offer assertiveness, and so much more. Just click "Build with AI" and everything is done for you. You can even re-work existing flows to maximize performance or get you past that blinking cursor and blank text form.

Wired into Insights AI

🧐 Curious? Here's every feature our platform offers...

    Personalized Cancel Flows

  • Personalization for every customer
  • Unlimited cancel flows
  • Unlimited customer segments
  • Custom attributes for advanced targeting
  • A/B testing engine
  • Build and rework with AI
  • Subscription pauses
  • Discounts, delays, plan changes, other offers
  • Automatically extend free trials
  • Anti-gamification measures
  • Custom branding
  • No-code editor
  • Multi-language support
  • Custom CSS support
  • Unlimited team members
  • Dynamic flow branching
  • Block functionality for paused accounts

    Payment Recovery

  • Personalized for every customer
  • Unlimited recovery campaigns
  • Unlimited customers
  • Pre-written and optimized campaigns
  • One-click payment processor setup
  • Collect partial invoices
  • Discount future payments
  • No-code setup and editing
  • Custom branding
  • Hosted payment update flows
  • Customer-facing billing history
  • Customer-facing cancellation notifications
  • Intelligent auto retries
  • Block functionality for past-due accounts
  • Multi-language support

    Powerful Metrics

  • Track Boosted Revenue, key metrics over time
  • Trended, benchmarked cancellation reasons
  • Understand offer performance over time
  • Insights AI for qualitative feedback analysis
  • AI sources feedback for product improvement
  • One-click payment processor setup
  • Cancel flow journey breakdown
  • Session recordings for every customer
  • Activity feed of every flow session
  • Real-time activity feed of customer status
  • Recovery success over time
  • Intelligent retry tracking
  • Trial conversion tracking

    Getting Set Up

  • Personalized setup call
  • Cancel flows built for you
  • Recovery campaigns created for you
  • Testing sandbox
  • Concierge migration from any other providers
  • Responsive email and live chat support


  • Support for Stripe, Paddle, Braintree, Chargebee, other integrations with key billing providers
  • Native Stripe App
  • Robust real-time webhook infrastructure
  • Slack app for real-time alerts
  • Dynamic email reports
  • Churnkey API for integration with any external apps such as Hubspot, Segment, Klaviyo, Salesforce, more

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