Seal the leaks in your product-led growth funnels.

Churnkey is a purpose-built retention automation tool for PLG SaaS businesses. Integrate Churnkey with your payment system and immediately become the hero that solved churn.

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“ Because of Churnkey, our marketing team was able to design the best exit funnel that increases LTV, reduced churn, and gives us the right insights to reactivate users. ”

Austin Distel
CMO of Jasper
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We're everything your product-obsessed team needs to improve retention, automatically.

Product-Led SaaS companies are great at crushing growth and filling their inbound funnel. And yet, churn is an inevitable problem that always follows growth. Where do you even start?

Your Product & Growth team should focus on well… Product & Growth. Let Churnkey take the lead on your retention efforts and reduce churn in a comprehensive way that fits right into your PLG tech stack.

Your MRR on Churnkey

Deploy automated retention flows that save.

  • Customize and automate your customer cancellation flows based on any user data point.
  • Recover up to 60% of failed payments at scale from self-serve customers.
  • Personalize retention flows based on any user criteria: trialing, plan type, self-serve, feature usage, and more.
Churnkey automated retention flows

Transform customer cancellation reasons into product growth.

  • Automatically capture customer cancellation reasons.
  • Churnkey’s Feedback AI, spots cancellation trends and tells you how much lost MRR is tied to each.
  • Identify, aggregate, and surface customer churn trends that you may be missing.
Churnkey cancellation reasons

Powered by the integrations that power your business.

Churnkey integrates with a number of payment processors and the tools your business uses every day. We also offer private APIs that we can provision exclusively for your business. Talk with us if you don't see what you need or want to learn more.

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...and more.

Bring back lost customers with targeted reactivation campaigns.

  • Use cancellation data and feedback to unlock win-back campaigns that work.
  • Personalize Reactivation emails with user data to reinforce value and FOMO.
  • Incentivize canceled customers to resubscribe with one-click offer redemptions.
Churnkey targeted reactivation campaigns

Predict churn before it happens.

  • Churnkey’s AI Models combine billing & usage data to predict churn.
  • Visualize & quantify at-risk MRR.
  • Understand how much MRR is stuck in your PLG funnels.
Churnkey Churn Prediction

Let us show you how Churnkey outsmarts legacy churn software.

We’ll take you on a quick, friendly, no-pressure walkthrough of what we do. And you’ll see why so many companies are graduating to Churnkey's churn management software to boost revenue, recover failed payments, make customers happier.

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