Finally, there's someone to own retention for you.

With the Churnkey platform, you'll supercharge all aspects of customer retention and optimize your company’s growth. You'll keep more customers with personalized cancel flows, recover more failed payments, and you'll expand customer-driven product development.

Handling retention for these customer-obsessed teams...

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“ I have been astounded by the customer service Churnkey has provided us...the team has built and delivered on every promise made and this will be a complete game changer for our business. 10/10 recommend. ”

Charley Burtwistle
Senior Director of Core Subscription, Buildertrend
No Churn

We’re everything your customer-obsessed team needs to improve retention, automatically.

You know churn is a problem—especially in this economy—but where do you even start? Juggling product releases and growth is hard enough. And then there’s retention, which requires so many different disciplines to improve, it’s left as a nebulous priority with no clear owner.

Your MRR on Churnkey

What if improving retention was handled for you? With the right churn management software, you’d boost your company’s profitability, keep customers around longer, and demystify the reasons why people leave your product. So if you want to run a healthier subscription business, let’s begin. We're already protecting over two billion dollars in ARR.

Reduce Voluntary Churn

Personalized cancellation flows that make your business healthier.

Get the best cancel flow in the business and reduce cancellations up to 51%. Because your cancel button is a blunt instrument just waiting to become a growth lever. Make customers happier, drive more revenue, spend more time doing what you do best.

“Churnkey keeps our customers around longer and takes care of those difficult situations that could make them unhappy. They make it easy to improve retention across the board. ”

Brian Dean, CEO of Exploding Topics
Personalized Cancel Flows

Recover Failed Payments

The most advanced, customer-centric payment recovery.

Losing customers to failed payments is antiquated. Come to think of it, so is all of the major dunning software. That’s why we offer features like segmented campaigns, dunning offers, and payment retries that are shockingly precise.

“No founder wants to think about failed payments or has the time to deal with them. Churnkey stepped up and did it for us — setting us up quickly and optimizing everything — so we could focus on what we love to do: ship fast and grow faster.”

Grant Cooper, Co-founder of Cometly
Failed Payment Recoveries

Reactivations & Winback Campaigns

Win back up to 34% of former customers.

Stop leaving revenue on the table with Churnkey's timed, personalized, and segmented Reactivation campaigns. Leverage our one-click flows to maximize revenue potential.

“Our products serve a ferocious crowd of creators who demand the best tools and cutting-edge technology. With Churnkey’s cancel flows and payment recoveries, we improved them greatly thanks to feedback received through the platform.”

Tibo Louis-Lucas, CEO of Tweet Hunter
Failed Payment Recoveries

Customer Health

Understand the overall health of your subscription business.

Be more strategic with your team's time: know when to engage your best customers, predict at-risk revenue, and track trends in feedback. Done for you automatically.

“Churnkey has been a game changer for our business. We went from 33% churn before Churnkey and reduced it to 26% in just eight weeks...I recommend Churnkey every chance I get!”

Brady Cargle,
Failed Payment Recoveries

Analyze Feedback At Scale

Supercharge customer-driven product development with all your feedback.

You know the only way to improve your business is to listen to customers, but it’s really hard to do it at scale. Then there are customer interviews, which everyone dreads. But with our AI engine, you can analyze customer feedback and categorize it automatically so it's easy to take action.

“Churnkey pays for itself instantly. Very clever product.”

Laura Roeder, CEO of Paperbell
Insights AI

Clear, Compelling Metrics

Make sense of your data without calling a data scientist.

You don’t have time to parse overloaded charts and confusing terminology. Churnkey’s best-in-class analytics speak plainly—helping you and your team track boosted revenue, offer uptake, recovery rates, and more.

“Because of Churnkey, our marketing team was able to design the best exit funnel that increases LTV, reduces churn, and gives us the right insights to reactivate users.”

Austin Distel, Marketing at Jasper
Powerful Metrics

A Baseline Churnkey Experience

Voluntary Churn Drop
Time to Integrate
35 mins
Avg. LTV Increase
Recovered Payments

Let us show you how Churnkey outsmarts legacy churn software.

We’ll take you on a quick, friendly, no-pressure walkthrough of what we do. And you’ll see why so many companies are graduating to Churnkey's churn management software to boost revenue, recover failed payments, make customers happier.

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