Customer Health Platform

How healthy is your subscription business?

Be more strategic with your team's time: know when to engage your best customers, predict at-risk revenue, and track trends in feedback. Done for you automatically.

Identify customers most prone to churning
Target expansion revenue opportunities
Deploy time, money & resources more efficiently
Customer Health

“ I have been astounded by the customer service Churnkey has provided us...the team has built and delivered on every promise made and this will be a complete game changer for our business. 10/10 recommend. ”

Charley Burtwistle
Senior Director of Core Subscription, Buildertrend
No Churn

Your customer-obsessed team's job just got a whole lot easier.

Customers expect a lot. Can feel like they’re not being heard. And your team does their best to serve them, keep them happy. Only now, you have to do it with less: less time, money, and resources.

But what if you knew how much of your revenue was at risk? Had some way to experience the thoughts and feelings of your customers at scale? You’d be able to intercede before churn happened. Reexamine opportunities for expansion revenue. Make your subscription business healthier. Ready? Leave it to us.

Score Your Customer Base

Visualize, understand, and act on the health of all your accounts

Low, medium, and high risk: every customer has a place in your world. It’s a new, powerful way to think about your accounts, and it’s a healthy way for your teams to decide where to spend their treasure.

Score Your Customer Base
Assess Your Revenue Risk

Predict the amount of revenue you’re at risk of losing—or retaining—next month

With revenue risk scoring, you’ll truly understand how urgent your churn problem might be. On the other hand, you might be in a good spot, which means you’re free to invest in other initiatives. That’s the power of peering into the future.

Assess Your Revenue Risk
Analyze Sentiment Trends

Track how your customers are feeling about your product over time

What if you could know how your customer base felt, in general? Were they unhappy or reluctant or apologetic when they left? Have you done something to anger them en masse? Using qualitative feedback analysis from our Insights AI, you’ll know how your actions affect your customers over time.

Deepen Customer Trust
Enrich Your Customer Stories

Understand how a customer’s account health shifted over time next to key stats

See how a customer’s Health Score ranks now compared to the past, alongside LTV, account age, revenue operations timelines, and more. It’s a complete out-of-the-box customer snapshot without any work from your team.

Enriched Customer Profiles
Dynamically Rank Your Accounts

Help your front-line teams prioritize which accounts to engage

Customer success platforms have become a game of “whack-a-mole” without the fun or personality. We’re simplifying the job of frontline teams by automatically sorting accounts into Low, Medium, and High Risk customer lists.

Improvements Made For You Over Time
Unlock New Segmentation

Rethink how you personalize your customer-facing retention ops

Cancel Flows, Failed Payment Recovery, Reactivation Campaigns, Customer Profiles, and Insights AI. Now, you can enhance your personalization capabilities across every Churnkey product— all while simplifying segmentation. Customer Health scores are now integrated everywhere within the Churnkey platform.

Personalize Customer-Facing Retention Ops
Your Bespoke ML Model

Just connect your billing data, and we’ll take it from there

Every business has their own unique customer base. All you need to do is connect your payment processor, then we’ll train a bespoke ML model on your data.

Connect once, get your own ML model —
it doesn't take any effort on your part beyond connecting your payment processor. It's the best deal in the business. No flatfiles, no messy data imports. We know billing data. We know subscriptions. You get the benefit.
Pipe in key value metrics —
some of our best customers track their key value metrics and send them along to Churnkey. With your custom attributes, our bespoke customer health model just gets better.
Unlock event tracking you'll like —
without the bloat. We’ll stitch together your event data with your customer subscription data. You get a comprehensive view of your customers.
Improvements Made For You Over Time

“ Over the last 45 days, I've been able to lower churn by over 40% thanks to Churnkey's cancellation survey and win-back offers. As a super busy CEO, I love how simple Churnkey makes it to integrate, manage, and track. I'm just surprised my churn has dropped that fast. ”

Austin Bouley
CEO of Impeccable Investor

Everything your team could be using right now...

    Personalized Cancel Flows

  • Personalization for every customer
  • Unlimited cancel flows
  • Unlimited customer segments
  • Custom attributes for advanced targeting
  • A/B testing engine
  • Subscription pauses
  • Discounts, delays, plan changes, other offers
  • Automatically extend free trials
  • Anti-gamification measures
  • Custom branding
  • No-code editor
  • Multi-language support
  • Custom CSS support
  • Unlimited team members
  • Dynamic flow branching
  • Block functionality for paused accounts

    Payment Recovery

  • Personalized for every customer
  • Unlimited recovery campaigns
  • Unlimited customers
  • Pre-written and optimized campaigns
  • One-click payment processor setup
  • Collect partial invoices
  • Discount future payments
  • No-code setup and editing
  • Custom branding
  • Hosted payment update flows
  • Customer-facing billing history
  • Customer-facing cancellation notifications
  • Precision Retries outperform the industry
  • Block functionality for past-due accounts
  • Multi-language support

    Reactivation Campaigns

  • Personalization for every customer
  • Unlimited reactivation campaigns
  • Unlimited reactivation segments
  • Enhanced timing logic
  • Custom attributes for advanced targeting
  • Email infrastructure optimized for max deliverability
  • Use cancel reason, customer health, & more...
  • One-click reactivation experiences
  • Personalization for every customer
  • Custom branding
  • Hosted payment update flows
  • No-code setup, creation, and editing
  • Fallbacks for every edge case
  • Multi-language support

    Customer Health

  • Identify customers most prone to churn
  • Dynamic customer base risk scoring
  • Predict monthly revenue before it happens
  • Analyze customer sentiment over time
  • Unlock segmentation via health scores
  • Bring your own value metrics to enrich your ML model
  • Customer tables sorted by low, medium, high risk
  • Bespoke model trained on your billing data

    Metrics Suite

  • Track Boosted Revenue, key metrics over time
  • Trended, benchmarked cancellation reasons
  • Understand offer performance over time
  • Insight AI for qualitative feedback analysis
  • One-click payment processor setup
  • Cancel flow journey breakdown
  • Session recordings for every customer
  • Activity feed of every flow session
  • Real-time activity feed of customer status
  • Recovery success over time
  • Intelligent retry tracking
  • Trial conversion tracking

    Setup Services

  • Personalized setup call
  • Cancel flows built for you
  • Recovery campaigns created for you
  • Testing sandbox
  • Concierge migration from any other providers
  • Responsive email and live chat support


  • Support for Stripe, Paddle, Braintree, Chargebee, other integrations with key billing providers
  • Native Stripe App
  • Robust real-time webhook infrastructure
  • Slack app for real-time alerts
  • Dynamic email reports
  • Churnkey API for integration with any external apps such as Hubspot, Segment, Klaviyo, Salesforce, more

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