How Sudowrite used Churnkey to retain thousands of customers and boost revenue by over six figures

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The Challenge

In 2020, Amit Gupta and James Yu co-founded Sudowrite, the “non-judgmental, always-there-to-read-one-more-draft, never-runs-out-of-ideas-even-at-3am, AI writing partner you always wanted.” Sudowrite quickly found product-market fit with writers captivated by AI’s potential but wanting a writing tool crafted specifically for fiction. “Sudowrite can help unblock you, give you ideas. It can help you deep in the editing process and help you bring your stories to life,” said Gupta.

Sudowrite has been called “scary good” by author Hugh Howey, a “salvation” by Stephen Marche (The New Yorker), and has been covered by The Atlantic, WIRED, The New York Times, and other major press outlets.

The “scary good” product grew its customer base scary fast thanks to impressive coverage and positive reviews. That made onboarding the influx of customers, learning from their needs, and shipping product improvements a monumental task. On top of that, such impressive growth brought cancellations and failed payments, making retention an initiative that someone needed to own.

"A small team demands sharp focus. Every minute we spend on churn reduction or failed payment recovery – which both contribute to our bottom line – is a minute taken from product development and growth – our top line. We didn’t have the bandwidth to do both. But I also knew I couldn’t ignore it."

Amit Gupta, Co-founder of Sudowrite
Amit Gupta with fellow Sudowrite co-founder, James Yu.

The Solution

Amit and his team take product feedback seriously. He’s meticulously crafted a vibrant community of writers who freely share their thoughts with the Sudowrite team. It’s a safe place for customers to give advice to each other on how to use the product to achieve their unique goals.

Thanks to feedback from the community, it became clear that some authors weren’t always realizing the full benefit of the product. Bringing a new technology into their workflow required adaptation, and the writers that joined the community to learn from each other were the most successful.

Amit used Churnkey’s cancel flows to A/B test different strategies. In one version of Sudowrite’s cancel flows, he created unique cancellation experiences that pointed certain customer segments back to the Sudowrite Slack community to get help—which also reinforced the community’s value and uniqueness. Amit handled all of this while intelligently recovering card payment failures in the background.

"Churn reduction is nuanced. We want to help customers who need a hand getting the most out of Sudowrite, while letting those who need to pause or cancel their account do so easily. Churnkey allows us to help our customers while giving me the headspace to focus on product, community, and growth."

Amit Gupta, Co-founder of Sudowrite

The Results

In less than a year, Churnkey boosted Sudowrite’s revenue by over six figures across voluntary and involuntary churn channels.

For Sudowrite, Churnkey helped them break their cycle of churn and provide an overwhelmingly positive ROI. Gupta, along with his entire team, gained hours back in their days; hours they could now use to innovate and push their product further. Teaming with Churnkey gave Sudowrite more time to focus on what they really cared about: making their customers happy.

“We help experienced authors beat their writing goals and create richer worlds, and help first-time authors tell the stories they’ve always wanted to tell. With Churnkey's help, we can do that even better.”

Amit Gupta, Co-founder of Sudowrite

About Sudowrite

Writing stories is hard. Sudowrite is an AI writing assistant that helps authors plan stories, find the right words at the right time, and hone their craft. It’s a writing app that feels like home. So if you want to fall in love with writing again, get started with a free trial now.

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