Buildertrend and Churnkey: Just five months to six figures in increased revenue and a new product feedback pipeline

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The Challenge

Buildertrend is a construction project management app designed to be a simple, easy-to-use organizational tool for builders, contractors, and remodelers that quickly grew into something much bigger. “Buildertrend started small and, from day one, has had a customer-first culture. They help us craft what they need and what we build. That means we’re always collecting, parsing, and passing around customer feedback and comments internally,” says Senior Director of Core Subscription, Charley Burtwistle.

By staying customer-first, Buildertrend grew into a SaaS juggernaut, now having served over one million customers, tracked over two million projects, and has a presence in over 100 countries. From mobile scanning receipts and documents, customer portals, progress reports, to-do lists, financial management tools, and even an in-person training course on how to use the platform (Buildertrend University), they’ve evolved into an all-in-one solution for running a better construction business.

As the product’s surface area grew, Buildertrend’s data-centric approach started overwhelming their support team. Customers moving through their homegrown cancellation process produced feedback that lacked data uniformity. The team needed actionable data analysis to make better product decisions. Taking a pragmatic approach to churn, Buildertrend knew they couldn’t just go hire a floor of people to wade through the mountains of data; they needed a solution that would work smarter, not harder, for their needs.

"Listening to our clients is the most important thing we do. We look at every piece of feedback we collect and distribute the most actionable, insightful bits to relevant internal teams. We needed a better way to categorize, parse, and score feedback automatically.

Charley Burtwistle, Senior Director of Core Subscription at Buildertrend
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The Solution

By funneling cancelling customers into Churnkey’s personalized Cancel Flows, Buildertrend started collecting an immense amount of customer feedback. Both quantitative survey responses and qualitative open fields are collected, parsed, and categorized automatically by Churnkey’s Insights AI.

“Churnkey is our one source for cancellation reasons. I know the data is always going to show up structured, organized, and consistent. It’s just so good, our teams always ask for more,” says Charley.

So Churnkey and Buildertrend worked together to integrate even further. With a robust webhooks integration, Churnkey now sends everything they collect into Buildertrend’s data lake so Data Science teams can access and process using in real time using consistent formats.

"I have been astounded by the customer service Churnkey has provided us. Not only are they able to answer technical implementation questions, they also provide high-level strategic advice."

Charley Burtwistle, Senior Director of Core Subscription at Buildertrend

The Results

Within only five months, Churnkey has become an essential part of Buildertrend’s dataflow. With cancel flows that fit seamlessly within their existing product design, they collect essential customer feedback and present tailored offers towards discrete customer segments. That personalization has affected the company’s voluntary churn in a positive way, achieving an impressive 45% reactivation rate with $570 in revenue saved per customer. Overall, Churnkey has boosted Buildertrend’s topline revenue by six figures.

Furthermore, Churnkey fits right into Buildertrend’s data-driven culture. Using Churnkey’s cancel flows and data, Buildertrend has tested new price points, gotten a better grasp of their customer base’s health, and uncovered new ways to improve the product.

“The Churnkey team has built and delivered on every promise made. This will be a complete game changer for our business. 10/10 recommend.”

Charley Burtwistle, Senior Director of Core Subscription at Buildertrend

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