Nick Fogle

    Nick is a lawyer turned SaaS Founder and software engineer who works all across the stack. He pioneered the Churnkey prototype to help one of his SaaS companies vanquish churn and reach $140k+ in MRR. When founding Casa with Scott, he co-authored the Wealth Security Protocol and built an industry-leading Bitcoin security application. Ping him on Twitter if you ever want to nerd out about personal finance, investments, or Bitcoin.

  • CTO

    Rob Moore

    Rob is our resident data visualization and machine learning expert. He joined Nick and Baird at Wavve shortly after finishing up at Oxford and has been building companies ever since. At Churnkey, he's building visualizations for insights into customers and a state-of-the-art churn prediction model.

  • CPO

    Scott Hurff

    Scott is a veteran product maker and designer. He was on the founding team of Tinder’s first acquisition, where he created some of the app’s most successful early revenue features. He was on the founding team of Casa, the world’s first consumer-friendly Bitcoin self-custody provider. O’Reilly published his book, Designing Products People Love, which Scott Berkun called “a thoughtful and charming guidebook for making great things.”

  • Sales & Marketing

    Baird Hall

    Baird is a 4x SaaS founder based in Charleston, SC. His background is in sales, marketing, and support. He bootstrapped and grew two SaaS companies to over $1M in ARR. When he isn't working on Churnkey's sales and marketing, he is on the water with his wife and daughter. If you want to talk NBA basketball with someone at Churnkey, he is the one.