Our Sales Pitch

You had to see it some time, right?

Your SaaS business is always losing customers. Cancellations are constant. So you do everything you can to prevent churn: crafting custom cancellation flows, installing live chat widgets, hiring service reps, crafting win-back email campaigns. Yet cancellations keep happening, and they're happening more often.

But what if you could save your customers before they cancelled? What if you could replace cobbled-together in-house solutions, implement industrial-grade offboarding used by the biggest players in SaaS with just a few lines of code? You would have a cancel flow designed to keep customers, keep them happy, and put precious resources into product and marketing.

Churnkey gets you there. Implement heavy-hitting, deeply-researched cancellation prevent flows with just a few clicks. Address high-value customers on the fly with targeted offers. Personalize every offboarding experience to keep as many active customers as possible and to understand why people are cancelling in the first place.

Our Value Proposition

We help you retain more customers.

That's it. That's the pitch.

No, but really, when you embed Churnkey’s offboarding flow, you immediately unlock a suite of experiences crafted to keep your customers around longer. It’s not intrusive, it’s not frustrating—it just works. Churnkey presents dynamic options for your customers, helping them craft a relationship with your company that works better for them.

Subscription pauses, coupons, live chat support prompts, and more. Everything Churnkey includes is designed to encourage your customers to stay longer.

Done for you instead of DIY. Get offboarding off your plate.

Every SaaS company has to build some form of a cancellation flow to offboard your customers. It’s a necessary evil. But it’s also a product that requires creation, maintenance, and endless tweaking—not to mention it demands the attention of a broad swath of your company. Product. Marketing. Engineering. Support. Who really owns it? Who’s going to mind the store?

So you can definitely do this in-house. But Churnkey can take that work off your plate so you can use your time to build other, more distinctive features that will drive value for your customers.

For our own SaaS businesses, we’ve spent years optimizing our customer offboarding flows. It’s something that requires constant reporting, optimization, and learning. That’s why we built Churnkey and poured everything we learned (and still are learning) from offboarding thousands of customers.

Retaining customers is the best way to increase your growth ceiling.

We learned this the hard way. Our first SaaS business was growing 30%+ MoM in our first year. We were ecstatic until we realized churn was averaging over 12%. It was a brutal growth ceiling on our business.

Suppose you have a B2C SaaS business with 10,000 active customers. User churn is 12% and average revenue per user is $12/mo. If the company wants to grow, it's going to need to replace 1200+ users every month. Let's say you get serious about retention and bring user churn down to 9%? That brings you $150,000 more during the first year and this will compound each year after that.

This could get you several new hires, longer business runway, or investment in new growth channels.

Learn more about your cancelling customers.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. If you aren’t collecting information about why your customers are cancelling, you are going to be in the dark about your churn metrics.

Churnkey’s customizable cancellation survey collects, collates, and presents the reasons your customers are leaving. Our dashboards are conversational and easy to read. And we notify you when we uncover cancellation trends.

Our interests are your interests, and we’re interested in the long-term.

We are a small, bootstrapped team that loves building niche, effective, and useful SaaS applications for others like us. We don’t take VC funding so don’t expect us to hit hockey-stick growth that results in terrible support, higher prices, or a lack of product focus in exchange for all things growth.

In reality, we’re solving our own problem and we want to solve yours.

Let us show you how Churnkey outsmarts legacy churn software.

We’ll take you on a quick, friendly, no-pressure walkthrough of what we do. And you’ll see why so many companies are graduating to Churnkey's churn management software to boost revenue, recover failed payments, make customers happier.

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