“This will be a complete game changer for our business. 10/10 recommend.”


Ideal for teams who want to get retention basics in place quickly. Coverage for every type of churn.

$250 per month

    Includes core functionality to improve both voluntary and involuntary churn.

  • Single, customizable Cancel Flow
  • Seven unique offer types to retain customers
  • Up to 50 customer cancel flows sessions per month
  • Cancellation survey
  • Trial extension flows
  • AI feedback analysis
  • Pause Wall
  • Single Payment Recovery campaign
  • Up to $2,500 in failed payment recoveries per month
  • Basic payment retries
  • In-email offers
  • White-label card update experiences
  • Comprehensive metrics reporting


Automate retention operations, forecast churn, get the deepest customer insights. All in one place.

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    Unlocks our full retention platform for maximum personalization and insights.

  • Everything in Starter, plus...
  • Unlimited Cancel Flow segments
  • Unlimited Cancel Flow A/B tests
  • Unlimited Payment Recovery segments
  • Dunning exclusion lists
  • Failed Payment Wall
  • Precision Payment Retries
  • Segmented Reactivation campaigns
  • Customer Health AI platform
  • Enriched customer profiles
  • Customer base sentiment analysis
  • AI customer feedback analytics
  • Deeper revenue and churn analytics
  • Automatic localization
  • Proactive Optimization


All the functionality your team needs. Everything managed for you, including implementation.

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    Designed for the largest organizations with the most advanced requirements.

  • Everything in Scale, plus...
  • Unlimited team member seats
  • Custom integration support
  • Private Slack channel access
  • Exclusive Data API access
  • Enhanced security measures
  • Managed Account services
  • Quarterly strategy & review meetings
  • Ongoing 10x ROI guarantee
  • Custom SLA
  • Dedicated success contact
  • First access to new products
  • Enhanced team access controls
  • Go-live assistance
  • Ongoing technical consultation

“ The customer experience is unparalleled. Churnkey takes the time to understand our business, and the team goes out of its way to monitor our retention and offer recommendations whenever they see an opportunity to improve cancel flows or failed payment recovery. ”

Scott Meadows
CEO, FastTranscripts.com

Everything your team could be using right now...

    Personalized Cancel Flows

  • Personalization for every customer
  • Unlimited cancel flows
  • Unlimited customer segments
  • Custom attributes for advanced targeting
  • A/B testing engine
  • Subscription pauses
  • Discounts, delays, plan changes, other offers
  • Automatically extend free trials
  • Anti-gamification measures
  • Custom branding
  • No-code editor
  • Multi-language support
  • Custom CSS support
  • Unlimited team members
  • Dynamic flow branching
  • Block functionality for paused accounts

    Payment Recovery

  • Personalized for every customer
  • Unlimited recovery campaigns
  • Unlimited customers
  • Pre-written and optimized campaigns
  • One-click payment processor setup
  • Collect partial invoices
  • Discount future payments
  • No-code setup and editing
  • Custom branding
  • Hosted payment update flows
  • Customer-facing billing history
  • Customer-facing cancellation notifications
  • Precision Retries outperform the industry
  • Block functionality for past-due accounts
  • Multi-language support

    Reactivation Campaigns

  • Personalization for every customer
  • Unlimited reactivation campaigns
  • Unlimited reactivation segments
  • Enhanced timing logic
  • Custom attributes for advanced targeting
  • Email infrastructure optimized for max deliverability
  • Use cancel reason, customer health, & more...
  • One-click reactivation experiences
  • Personalization for every customer
  • Custom branding
  • Hosted payment update flows
  • No-code setup, creation, and editing
  • Fallbacks for every edge case
  • Multi-language support

    Customer Health

  • Identify customers most prone to churn
  • Dynamic customer base risk scoring
  • Predict monthly revenue before it happens
  • Analyze customer sentiment over time
  • Unlock segmentation via health scores
  • Bring your own value metrics to enrich your ML model
  • Customer tables sorted by low, medium, high risk
  • Bespoke model trained on your billing data

    Metrics Suite

  • Track Boosted Revenue, key metrics over time
  • Trended, benchmarked cancellation reasons
  • Understand offer performance over time
  • Insight AI for qualitative feedback analysis
  • One-click payment processor setup
  • Cancel flow journey breakdown
  • Session recordings for every customer
  • Activity feed of every flow session
  • Real-time activity feed of customer status
  • Recovery success over time
  • Intelligent retry tracking
  • Trial conversion tracking

    Setup Services

  • Personalized setup call
  • Cancel flows built for you
  • Recovery campaigns created for you
  • Testing sandbox
  • Concierge migration from any other providers
  • Responsive email and live chat support


  • Support for Stripe, Paddle, Braintree, Chargebee, other integrations with key billing providers
  • Native Stripe App
  • Robust real-time webhook infrastructure
  • Slack app for real-time alerts
  • Dynamic email reports
  • Churnkey API for integration with any external apps such as Hubspot, Segment, Klaviyo, Salesforce, more

What do our customers say after using Churnkey?

“We couldn't be more pleased with the outcome!”

"The results are immediate. We've been able to reliably reduce the number of users churning on our product.The product is constantly improving and the technical support is excellent."
"I can confidently say that it has been an absolute game-changer for my business. With a jaw-dropping 1600% ROI from our subscription, Churnkey has exceeded our expectations and truly delivered on their promises."
"Churnkey allows us to help our customers while giving me the headspace to focus on product, community, and growth."
"Churnkey’s retention platform is in a league of its own. Cancel flows and dunning are easy to setup, extremely effective for reducing churn, and constantly being improved to stay on the cutting edge of retention strategy."

“ No founder wants to think about failed payments or has the time to deal with them. Churnkey stepped up and did it for us — setting us up quickly and optimizing everything — so we could focus on what we love to do: ship fast and grow faster. ”

Grant Cooper
Co-founder of Cometly

Got questions?

What payment providers do you support?

Stripe, Chargebee, Paddle, and Braintree. We're always adding more. Chat with us if you'd like to prioritize an integration.

Can I cancel at any time?

Correct. We don't lock you into a contract. You're in full control if you don't believe you're getting your money's worth.

Will you help me set it up?

Absolutely. We're quick to answer questions, and we'll even set up a call to walk you through the install. Many of our customers like us to be "on call" while they implement, even though a number of our customers have implemented Churnkey within 15-25 minutes.

Can I talk with you about Churnkey now?

Of course. Chat with us using the black button in the bottom right of this page.

What does it take to implement?

You can set Churnkey up in as little as 15 minutes (we've seen it happen). If you get fancier with segmentation or test environments, that adds a bit of overhead. Check out our documentation.

How do you calculate pricing?

We take into account factors such as your ARPA, cancellation volume, and more to ensure that we're delivering at least 5x ROI for you. Many customers experience ROI in the 10-20x range. If you're the rare account not seeing at least 5x ROI, we will adjust your pricing.