You focus on product and growth. We'll handle retention for you.

Use Churnkey to supercharge every part of customer retention and optimize your company’s growth: personalized cancel flows that keep subscribers, recovering failed payments, and informing customer-driven product development.

Reduce cancellations up to 42%
Recover up to 64% of failed payments
Uncover product ideas at scale without data scientists

Automating retention for these customer-obsessed teams

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Because of Churnkey, our marketing team was able to design the best exit funnel that increases LTV, reduces churn, and gives us the right insights to reactivate users.

Austin Distel,
CMO of Jasper

You know churn is a problem — especially in this economy — but where do you even start? Juggling product releases and growth is hard enough. And then there’s retention, which requires so many different disciplines to improve, it’s left as a nebulous priority with no clear owner.

But if improving retention, reducing churn, and making customers happier was handled for you, you’d boost your company’s profitability, keep customers around longer, and demystify the reasons why people leave your product. On average, our customers extend LTV by over 26%. So if you want to run a healthier subscription business, let’s begin. We're already protecting over $240 million in ARR.

Churnkey pays for itself instantly. Very clever product.

Laura Roeder,
Founder of Paperbell

We’re everything your customer-obsessed team needs to improve retention, automatically.

Reduce Voluntary Churn

Our personalized cancel flows make your subscription business healthier.

Get the best cancel flow in the business and reduce cancellations up to 42%. Because your cancel button is a blunt instrument just waiting to become a growth lever. Make customers happier, drive more revenue, spend more time doing what you do best. Learn More

Recover Failed Payments

Dunning so good, it needs to be free.

Losing customers to failed payments is antiquated. Come to think of it, so are all of the major dunning players. That’s why subscription businesses under $25K MRR get our failed payment recovery product for free. It’s optimized by AI models and ready to go in minutes. Learn More

AI-Driven Feedback Analysis

Automated customer feedback analysis will give you endless new product ideas and supercharge your customer-driven product development.

You know the only way to improve your business is to listen to customers, but it’s nearly impossible to do it at scale without a dedicated team. Then there are customer interviews, which everyone dreads. But with our AI engine, we analyze customer feedback for you and automatically categorize it so you can act on it. Learn More

Done For You

You're busy. We're churn experts. So we'll do all the work for you.

We'll handle everything retention for you so you can focus on what you do best: product, growth, and customers. Think of Churnkey as your "set it and forget it" magic churn reducer. Available as part of our Premium Services. Learn More

At-Scale Personalized Everything

Target specific customers and serve up unique offers for each of them.

French customers, free-trial customers; free-loading customers - your customer base has a ton of different faces. Churnkey is aware of the nuance within your customer base and adapts accordingly. After all, someone who signed up yesterday should be spoken to differently from a customer who’s been a paying subscriber for years. Learn More

Deals That Appeal

Even customers that love your product sometimes need a pause.

Understanding the situational realities of your customer base — and empathizing with them — engenders loyalty and makes everyone happier. Think: right customer, right message, right time. Dynamically trigger deals and interventions based on variables like lifetime value, subscription tier, duration, and much more. Learn More

Powerful Metrics

Metrics that don’t require a data scientist to be useful (while making you look good).

You don’t have time to parse overloaded charts and confusing terminology. Churnkey’s best-in-class analytics speak plainly, helping you and your team understand revenue increases, offer uptake, recovery rates, and more. Learn More

Session Recordings

Watch which offers work, and which ones need work.

See how every customer reacts, in real-time session recordings, to the offers you present to them. Watch what gives them pause and what makes them pause, so you can tune your offboarding experiences. Learn More

Real-Time Alerts

Keep your finger on the pulse of your customer base with Slack alerts, email notifications and weekly reports.

Worried about a longtime customer’s happiness? Launch a new pricing plan and want to see who’s thinking about leaving? Get real-time alerts for every cancellation attempt, every offer taken, every pause.

Easy Optimization

Create new offers, polish your copy, tweak branding. All instantaneously with our best-in-class flow builders.

Connect your payment processor, copy and paste Churnkey's code snippet, and that's it. No more engineering help required. Build and modify every piece of your retention experience whenever you need to. Learn More

A Baseline Churnkey Experience

Voluntary Churn Drop
Time to Integrate
35 mins
Avg. LTV Increase
Reactivation After Pause

Honestly, Churnkey is easily worth the cost for its cancellation feedback alone. We've been able to gain so much insight into why users want to cancel so we can add features or fix issues.

Davis Baer,
Co-founder of OneUp

Let us show you how Churnkey outsmarts basic churn reduction and retention software.

Have a quick chat with one of our in-house churn obsessives. We’ll take you on a quick, friendly, no-pressure walkthrough of what we do. You’ll learn why so many companies are graduating from legacy cancellation reduction, engagement, and metrics platforms. And you’ll see why they trust Churnkey to boost their revenue while leaving their existing customers happier.

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