Personalized cancel flows for a healthier subscription business.

Uncover why customers cancel and keep more of them around with personalized, non-intrusive cancel experiences that cut voluntary churn up to 42%.

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Because of Churnkey, our marketing team was able to design the best exit funnel that increases LTV, reduces churn, and gives us the right insights to reactivate users.

Austin Distel,
CMO of Jasper

Cancel buttons are blunt instruments. And they're capping your SaaS' growth. Why suppress your long-term growth when you have Churnkey? Every cancellation attempt is an opportunity to craft a better relationship with your customer. When you do that, you'll build a bigger SaaS business. Here’s how 👇

Connect your payment provider and plug Churnkey into your Cancel button. It takes only minutes.

When a customer attempts to cancel their subscription, your custom-built Churnkey flow launches.

Personalized offers are dynamically presented based on customer history and the rules you define.

Track your reduced churn, the customers you’ve won back, which offers perform best, why customers leave, and more. See who's thinking of leaving and which cohorts are more or less receptive to certain offers.

Play back every cancellation session as if you witnessed it real-time.

Churnkey exists to make your SaaS business more money. And we know it works. On average, our customers extend LTV by over 26%. So if you want to run a healthier SaaS business, let’s begin. We're already protecting over $30 million in ARR.

Go ahead. Experience a Churnkey cancellation flow all for yourself.

Churnkey pays for itself instantly. Very clever product.

Laura Roeder,
Founder of Paperbell

Customer Segmentation

Target specific customers and serve up unique cancel flows for each of them.

Free trial? Yearly subscription? Already applied a coupon? Churnkey is aware of the nuance within your customer base and adapts accordingly. After all, someone who signed up yesterday should be spoken to differently from a customer who’s been a paying subscriber for years. Learn More

Deals That Appeal

Offer a series of incentives for customers to stay. Pauses, coupons, chat, phone support, and more.

Right customer, right message, right time. Dynamically trigger deals and interventions based on variables like lifetime value, subscription tier, loyalty, and more. Learn More

Session Recordings

Watch which offers work, and which ones need work.

See how every customer reacts, in real-time session recordings, to the offers you present to them. Watch what gives them pause and what makes them pause, so you can tune your offboarding experiences. Learn More

Actionable Insights

Understand why customers leave, see which deals they take, and figure out how to improve your product.

See how healthy your customer base is at a glance. Understand the top reasons why they leave your product and what made them stay. Keep an eye on accounts that seem to be thinking about leaving. Learn More

Real-Time Alerts

Keep your finger on the pulse of your customer base with Slack alerts, email notifications and reports.

Worried about a longtime customer’s happiness? Launch a new pricing plan and want to see who’s thinking about leaving? Get real-time alerts for every cancellation attempt, every offer taken, every pause.

No Code Required

Deploy changes, tweak branding, rewrite copy, create new offers. All on your own.

Connect your payment processor, copy and paste Churnkey's code snippet, and that's it. No more engineering help required. Build and modify your offboarding experience whenever you need to. Learn More

A Typical Churnkey Experience

Avg. Voluntary Churn Drop
Time to Integrate
25 mins
Avg. LTV Increase

Honestly, Churnkey is easily worth the cost for its cancellation feedback alone. We've been able to gain so much insight into why users want to cancel so we can add features or fix issues.

Davis Baer,
Co-founder of OneUp

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