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SaaS Churn Audit

When you connect your Stripe account, a team of experienced SaaS operators will audit your SaaS churn and identify ways to improve it. All for free and within 24 hours.

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Over the last 45 days, I've been able to lower churn by over 40% thanks to Churnkey's cancellation survey and win-back offers. As a super busy CEO, I love how simple Churnkey makes it to integrate, manage, and track. I'm just surprised my churn has dropped that fast.

Reducing customer churn is the single best thing that most SaaS companies can be doing right now. But knowing where to start is half the battle. Let a third-party team of experienced SaaS operators conduct a free audit of your churn so you can take action and learn how it stacks up against your peers.

Check out what's inside your free churn audit 👇

  • Churn by cohorts
  • Detailed revenue report
  • Qualitative data benchmarks (B2B, B2C, etc.)
  • Summary with recommendations
  • Growth ceiling calculation report
  • And more!

Let us show you how Churnkey outsmarts legacy churn software.

We’ll take you on a quick, friendly, no-pressure walkthrough of what we do. And you’ll see why so many companies are graduating to Churnkey's churn management software to boost revenue, recover failed payments, make customers happier.

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