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ChurnKey helps you retain more customers with customized offboarding experiences. Implement in clicks, not dev hours.

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Churn is the compound interest of any SaaS business. If you can't reduce cancellations, you're permanently capping your growth. So, you're trying it all: crafting custom cancellation flows, installing live chat widgets, hiring service reps, crafting win-back email campaigns. It's a lot of work. And a lot of it isn't working.

Even just a


reduction in churn can transform your business' earning potential.

How much bigger could your business be? On average, ChurnKey retains 30% more of your customers.

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more revenue over twelve months using ChurnKey.

MRR growth in 12 months with ChurnKey: $86,380

MRR growth in 12 months without ChurnKey: $14,350

How does ChurnKey work for you? We handle the heavy lifting when it comes to your offboarding experiences. Implement in just a few clicks so your product, engineering, and marketing teams can get back to doing what they do best.

When a customer tries to cancel their subscription, your customized ChurnKey flow intercepts them.

Personalized offers are dynamically presented based on your rules, Stripe data, and support team.

Track your reduced churn, the customers you've won back, which offers perform best, and why customers leave. See who's thinking of leaving and which cohorts are most at-risk.

Play back every offboarding session in real-time to see how customers respond.

Session Recordings

Watch which offers work, and which ones need work.

See how every customer reacts, in real-time session recordings, to the offers you present to them. Watch what gives them pause and what makes them pause, so you can tune your offboarding experiences.

Deals that Convert

Offer incentives for customers to stay. Pauses, coupons, chat, phone support.

Right customer, right message, right time. Dynamically trigger deals and interventions based on variables like lifetime value, subscription tier, loyalty, and more.

Living Insights

See why customers leave, which deals they take, and who's most at risk.

See how healthy your customer base is at a glance. Understand the top reasons why they leave your product and what made them stay. Keep an eye on accounts that seem to be thinking about leaving.

No Code Required

Deploy changes, tweak branding, rewrite copy, create new offers. All on your own.

Connect your Stripe account, copy and paste ChurnKey's code snippet, and that's it. No more engineering help required. Build and modify your offboarding experience whenever you need to.

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