Top 23 Saas Blogs In Product, Marketing And Sales To Follow

If you’re a SaaS founder, a product manager, or a marketer searching for the best SaaS blogs to follow in 2022, look no further.

Top 23 Saas Blogs In Product, Marketing And Sales To Follow

If you’re a SaaS founder, a product manager, or a marketer searching for the best SaaS blogs to follow in 2022, look no further. This killer list is all you’ll ever need!

Having the right resources is essential for staying on top of the latest trends, industry news, and case studies. Despite what people may tell you, you don’t need to pay for hours of consultations to keep up-to-date. All the information you need is available online, for free, anytime you want to access it.

But where do you start? We understand that it can be overwhelming to decide which of the unlimited number of SaaS blogs on the internet are worth your time.

Therefore, at Churnkey we have put together the ultimate list of the top SaaS blogs you need to follow in 2022.

Start taking notes!

Types Of Saas Blogs We’ll Be Delving Into

To make things easier for you, we divided this list into four categories:

  • Top SaaS product management blogs
  • Top SaaS marketing blogs
  • Top SaaS sale blogs
  • Top SaaS bootstrapping blogs
  • Top SaaS fundraising blogs.

Our goal is to help you determine which resources suit your needs by illuminating their featured content. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Saas Product Management Blogs


We might be a bit biased for this SaaS blog recommendation, but that’s because we know from our readers’ feedback that we are doing excellent work. Churnkey is your go-to blog for focusing on SaaS customer retention solutions.

You’ll find information on reducing churn and boosting your sales, interesting insights on users’ behaviours, and suggestions to optimise your overall strategy.

2. Mind The Product

Since 2021 Mind The Product has accumulated over 50,000 members as is currently the largest online community for product management, and they are committed to providing regular content and updates to help their growing community. They also host regular meetings virtually and in hundreds of major cities all around the world so you meet with professionals and network within this niche.

3. Product School

If you are new to learning about product management, Product School has all the basic articles to devise a product-led growth strategy for your SaaS.

They specialize in providing advice on how to get started, inspiring stories of people who have been in your shoes and provide resources and courses to help you explore the subject as a beginner product manager.

4. BetterCloud monitor

Browse a variety of tutorials, ebooks, reports, and best practices. BetterCloud monitor provides tips on SaaS management, industry news, and research on popular topics. Get updated on the latest trends with videos, shortcuts, and easy-to-understand articles and take your skills to the next level.

SaaS marketing blogs

5. CXL

CXL, formerly ConversionXL, shares information on conversion optimization and marketing advice from experts that is backed by extensive industry research and scientific studies. CXL started as a marketing agency and has now developed into one of the most useful free blogs in marketing available online today.

6. Backlinko

Brian Dean shares his expert knowledge about SEO on his blog Backlinko. He has shared dozens of informative guides for you to follow to improve your website’s SEO in just a matter of weeks.

7. Ahrefs

You may be familiar with Ahrefs for their tools for backlinking and SEO analysis, but even if you are not a paid member of their service you can read up about how to get better at SEO and marketing through their blog.

The articles go over everything from detailed tutorials to case study analysis to interviews with marketing professionals. Ahrefs also host an excellent YouTube channel if you prefer to consume content through video.

8. Search Engine Journal

Since 2003, Search Engine Journal has been sharing their expert knowledge on all things SEO, including the latest news about SEO, handy guides and interviews with digital marketing and social media professionals.

9. Tomasz Tunguz blog

This blog by Tomasz Tunguz, a venture capitalist, on entrepreneurship, funding, and investments. A must-read SaaS marketing blog for startups with a clean interface and detailed writing. It covers best practices, insights, trends, marketing tips, and data analysis.

10. Crazy Egg

A blog created by Hiten Shah and Neil Patel (who also created the keyword tool Ubersuggest) that aims to help SaaS experts improve the conversion rates. It offers guidance on all marketing, copywriting, branding-related SaaS questions, A/B or split testing features, and case studies. See what’s hot and what’s not and discover tips on users’ behaviours for an effective content strategy from marketing experts.

11. HubSpot

I’m sure we’ve all landed at HubSpot’s blog at one point. HubSpot keeps delivering excellent content and comes at the top of our B2B blogs. It’s an all-around business, sales, and marketing heaven for professionals.

There are countless free resources on SaaS marketing, content marketing, strategy, and actionable steps to implement better SEO strategies. Plus, gain access to hundreds of free templates, recommendations, ebooks, and spreadsheets to help you along the way.

12. ToTango

ToTango comes with precious resources to help transform your customer success. Since the platform focuses on customer engagement and company impact, the ToTango blog contains information on implementing an efficient SaaS customer-centric strategy. With clean writing, readers gain insights from industry experts to understand their customers’ behaviour and optimise their strategy.

13. All That SaaS

An all-in-one SaaS marketing blog packed with tips, how-to guides, and valuable reviews that help you decide on SaaS tools. With All That SaaS, you can keep up with the latest trends, industry news, and insights.

In addition, it contains enlightening interviews to keep you up-to-date with industry experts. So if you want a SaaS blog for discovering new software and reading about the stories behind successful industry professionals, this is the blog for you!

SaaS sales blogs

14. Predictable Revenue

Aaron Ross’s blog focuses on B2B sales. If you’re looking for B2B related blogs, definitely add this to your list. It aims to provide actionable insights on building and training your SaaS sales team and deciding on a solid sales strategy.

And check this out, Aaron Ross managed to grow his revenues to over $100 million and is now sharing his experience growing a successful SaaS business.

15. Icredo

Another excellent option for B2B sale blogs with fresh tips on SaaS marketing, sales, and pricing. Incredo offers a great variety of articles to browse through from content marketing to metrics. Although the blog does not consistently publish new content, with only 1 new article per month, it’s worth taking a look at the older articles. Its listicles make everything easy to digest with actionable insights into SaaS growth.

16. Sales Hacker

A large community for B2B sales with innovative strategies, tips, and hacks. This is the place to go if you’re looking for innovation, technology, and funnel-building ideas.

Sales Hacker primarily focuses on SaaS sales psychology, development, and operations with extensive insights on SaaS sales for newbies.

SaaS bootstrapping blogs

17. Nathan Barry Blog

As the founder of ConvertKit, Nathan faced a lot of challenges in growing his SaaS business. Today, with over 29 million annual recurring revenue ConvertKit is one of the biggest players in its niche, with a loyal customer base of makers, founders and content creators.

On his blog, Nathan not only shares his journey and insights, but also interviews interesting people around entrepreneurship, creativity and so much more. His article on the ladders of wealth creation is a must-read.

18. The Bootstrapped Founder by Arvid Kahl

Arvid Hahl is a great sales blogger that co-founded Feedback Panda, an online productivity tool for teachers. Users can learn how to build and run a SaaS business from scratch while growing and expanding their potential.

The blog comes with a podcast, a newsletter, and an online bookshelf, so we highly recommend getting a subscription because you don’t want to miss out on this insightful information. Overall, another excellent resource for everyone looking to bootstrap their SaaS business.

19. Mega Maker by Justin Jackson

Justin Jackson has created an online community for SaaS geeks where he shares his knowledge on software and SaaS bootstrapping. In addition, he helps people on their SaaS development journey with actionable product management tips, SaaS growth hacks, and common mistakes to avoid. He gets some extra credits on our list for creating a community because bootstrapping your business to success can be a lonely journey. However, keep in mind that the content of his blog is not regularly updated, compared to other SaaS blogs listed here.

SaaS fundraising blogs

20. SaaStr by Jason Lemkin

Due to Jason Lemkin, a renowned vendor capitalist and founder, sharing his daily experiences and insights, SaaStr has one of the largest SaaS and B2B communities worldwide. It mainly focuses on fundraising, entrepreneurship, and investment.

SaaStr frequently organises events where top speakers are invited to share their knowledge with the community. You can also digest the information through various ebooks, audio files, podcasts, articles, and in the SaaStr academy!

21. SaaSholic

SaaSholic focuses on capital and fundraising for startups. Readers can also find complete market strategies by SaaS operators, as well as tips and best practices. It also provides insights for later-stage funding. Overall, it’s the best blog for startups who want to learn more about the world of fundraising.

22. Both Sides of the Table

With more than 36,000 followers on Medium, Both Sides of the Table is a vast source of information on start-ups, SaaS fundraising, entrepreneurship, and venture capitalism.

The main purpose of the blog is to facilitate the SaaS processes and management for beginners and professionals. It offers behind-the-scenes experience from industry experts on how to take important decisions as a SaaS entrepreneur.

23. Lighter Capital

Last but not least in our list of top SaaS blogs is Lighter Capital which might be up your street if you want to fund, scale, or grow your startup. The blog aims to deal with venture capitalism, SaaS revenues, and general tips on entrepreneur-friendly financing.

You made it to the end of this list of SaaS blogs to follow in 2022!

Make sure to bookmark this article for future reference so you can keep tabs on your new favourite SaaS blogs.

Now, you have all the necessary resources to stay on top of your game and outrank your competitors. With all this free information, your business, either advanced or startup, is well on its way to turning into a profitable SaaS asset.

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