Launch: Customer Health

Customer Health helps you and your team be more strategic with your time: know when to engage your best customers, predict at-risk revenue, and address problems before they become unrecoverable.

Launch: Customer Health
Churnkey's Customer Health dashboard

Today, we're going live with a significant expansion to the Churnkey platform: Customer Health. It's a whole new way for you to assess the health of your subscription business:

  • Identify customers most prone to churning
  • Target expansion revenue opportunities
  • Track customer sentiment trends over time

Ultimately, the goal of Customer Health is to help you and your team be more strategic with your time: know when to engage your best customers, predict at-risk revenue, and address problems before they become unrecoverable.

Because your customers expect a lot. Your team does their best to serve them and keep them happy. The problem is, everyone—including you—has to do more with less: less time, money, and resources.

Our job is to turn this burden into an opportunity for you.

How Customer Health works

Score Your Customer Base

For the initial release of Customer Health, we worked hard to find the intersection of simple setup and immediate usefulness. That's why all you need to do is connect your payment processor (and, if you'd like, you're free to pass us a key value metric or two to enrich the ML model). From there, it's all on us.

To analyze your revenue operations data, we drew inspiration from financial momentum indicators and hospital mortality tables. Our model will assess whether, according to the general population, each customer behaves like someone who has or has not churned in the past.

Customer Risk assessment

Customer risk assessment
Customer risk assessment

The first thing you'll notice in your Customer Health dashboard is an assessment of health: how many customers are considered to be low, medium, and high risk of churning, and how those numbers have trended over time.

This provides an at-a-glance view of your customer base in ways you've probably never experienced. But wait, there's more...

Revenue churn risk

How does your customer health translate into revenue? How much of your monthly revenue is at risk of churning?

All that is done for you out of the box.

Getting practical: what you can do with Customer Health

Customer Health watchlists
Customer Health watchlists

Once you have Customer Health up and running, its effects can be felt throughout your account. Here are some immediate, practical examples:

  • Cancel Flow personalization: imagine the power here. Forget about accounting for specific price points, plans, lifetime value, etc. Just use customer health to break cancel flow experiences into Low, Medium, and High Risk segments, then create offers that align to each health profile.
  • Customer Success prioritization: customer success platforms have become a game of "whack-a-mole," just with less personality. We want to simplify the jobs of teams whose purpose it is to stay on top of customer happiness. Now, you'll be able to sift through Low, Medium, and High Risk customer lists and let that inform everything from support to proactive engagement.
  • Campaign targeting: if you want to conduct sentiment-driven marketing campaigns, you can export your Customer Health lists and target Low, Medium, and High Risk customers with different messages, offers, plans, etc.

Beyond that, Customer Health helps you understand the needs of your customers—both in aggregate and on an individual basis.

Track the sentiment of your customer base.
Track the sentiment of your customer base.

What if you could know how your customer base felt, in general? Were they unhappy or reluctant or apologetic when they left? Have you done something to anger them en masse? On the flip side, maybe recent product or messaging changes have been incredibly beneficial.

But how would you know that?

That's what we wanted to change. So we did. Using qualitative feedback analysis from our Insights AI, you can see sentiment changes over time. Better yet, we'll track sentiment trends and compare you to a relevant baseline.

Track the health of individual customers over time.
Track the health of individual customers over time.

We've also improved individual customer profiles. You'll be able to see how a customer's health ranks now and in the past, alongside relevant stats like LTV, account age, revenue operations timelines, and more.

Get started with Customer Health today

If you want to understand your customers better and be more efficient in the way you serve them, let's talk. Our team is ready to get you up and running with Customer Health and, while we're at it, we can walk you through the benefits of Churnkey's automated retention platform.