Launch: Reactivations

The goal of Reactivations is to help you realize more revenue without much effort. You serve a bevy of unique customer segments and your retention efforts should reflect that reality.

Launch: Reactivations
Churnkey Reactivations

Today, we're going live with one of the most-requested additions to the Churnkey platform: Reactivations and win-back campaigns. We've got what we think is a novel take on classic, one-size-fits-all reactivation products.

Because the typical win-back campaign is a one-size-fits-all affair. Everyone is getting the same timed message with the same offer.

That's because running a campaign like this is hard. You won't believe the creaky integrations and slapdash spreadsheets we've seen businesses use to operate and track their campaigns.

This is why we're so excited to launch Churnkey Reactivations. Out of the box, you get all of this:

  • Unlimited segments for all the unique customers you serve in your business 
  • Segmentation by cancellation reason, Customer Health score, sentiment at the time of cancellation, and so much more 
  • No passwords, no logging in: customers can reactivate and apply your offer with a single click
  • All the dynamic variables you could ever want for maximum messaging personalization in our improved WYSIWYG editor
  • Tracking for everything: revenue reactivated, open rates, etc. 

The goal of Reactivations is to help you realize more revenue without much effort. You serve a bevy of unique customer segments and your retention efforts should reflect that reality.

Our job is to make this as easy as possible for you to pull off.

Powerful, unique, effortless segmentation

A Churnkey Reactivations segment
A Churnkey Reactivations segment

The foundation of Reactivations is the segment: it's an essential building block for unlocking insane personalization and campaign targeting. What's especially unique about our take on reactivation campaigns are the ways you can segment your customers. Here are some of the most powerful:

  • Cancellation Reason: why did a customer leave in the first place? What have you done to address their concerns or problems since they left? Did they cancel voluntarily or involuntarily?
  • Customer Health score: relative to your other customers, how risky was this customer to retain? Is it worth pursuing other, more dependable customers?
  • Sentiment at the time of cancellation: how did they feel when they cancelled? Was there any goodwill, or is there no hope of ever winning them back?

Side note: you won't believe how often we see Cancel Flow feedback saying "I'll be back, I promise!" Well, now's your chance to automate this entire process from that kind of comment.

Here's how easy it is to create these powerful segments 👇

Reactivation campaign segment builder
Reactivation campaign segment builder

Use inline variables to craft personalized messages

Live Variables create personalized campaign messages
Live Variables create personalized campaign messages

Once you've got your segments in place, it's time to get specific. We've created a bevy of new Live Variables that make it easy to reference your product name, the kind of offer you're presenting, details of the discount in question, and so much more.

One-click customer reactivations

Reactivations are enabled without logging in
Reactivations are enabled without logging in

You've piqued your former customers' interest. You've crafted a compelling offer. They're ready to go. They're coming back.

Small problem: they've forgotten their password. And they're at a stoplight, phone in hand with your product open, and their kids are screaming in the back, and they don't have their credit card on them. They'll come back to you later, right?

Wrong. Your customers are distracted, all the time. That's why we made it incredibly simple for them to come back to you:

  1. They follow the call to action in your email
  2. They confirm their offer
  3. That's it, that's the flow: their subscription is reactivated, your offer is applied, and they're redirected to your product

Revenue, opens, clicks: all tracked, already

Attributing reactivation revenue can be a major pain. So can following campaign performance, offer uptake, and understanding where customers drop off in the process.

So we decided to do all of it for you. Out of the box. Easy.

Get started with Churnkey Reactivations

If you want to understand your customers better and be more efficient in the way you serve them, let's talk. Our team is ready to get you up and running with Reactivations and, while we're at it, we can walk you through the benefits of Churnkey's entire automated retention platform.