Launch: Churnkey Stripe App

Integrating the best of Churnkey's dashboard with Stripe's new app marketplace

Launch: Churnkey Stripe App

A few months ago, Stripe asked us to work with them to make Churnkey one the first apps available on its new Stripe App marketplace. Today, it's live to bring the best of Churnkey all within your Stripe dashboard. It’s a thrill to be one of the first apps in Stripe’s lineup. This revolutionary blend of Stripe, plus the products you use to run your business, offers our customers—existing and new—a more complete picture of your customer base within Stripe’s own environment.

The Churnkey Stripe app displays key high-level metrics from your Churnkey data, now at your fingertips within the Stripe dashboard. You’ll be able to see every customer interaction with your cancel flow within your Stripe dashboard—including cancellation reason, freeform feedback, offers they’ve accepted, and if they’ve abandoned their cancellation attempt.

With Churnkey’s Stripe App, you can easily understand:

  • Your business’ boosted revenue as a result of your cancel flows
  • Reduced churn and customers you’ve won back
  • Which offers perform best and why customers leave
  • Ways your product can improve to counter future voluntary churn

If you're an existing Churnkey customer, Stripe will automatically prompt you to install the Churnkey Stripe app the next time you visit your Stripe dashboard. After you accept, your experience will be upgraded and you'll automatically be migrated from your Stripe Connect Extension to the new Stripe app installation.

For new Churnkey customers, after you install the Churnkey Stripe app, you'll be offered a 14-day free trial of Churnkey. We invite you to the new Stripe App Marketplace to check out Churnkey’s new app and see what its all about. Enjoy!