Churnkey Springtime Product Updates

This month we released free SaaS churn tools, new dashboard reporting tools, and an update on how paused customers are handled. Read up for more info.

Churnkey Springtime Product Updates

Welcome to Spring, fellow founders. With warmer weather around the corner for most and vaccinations becoming more available, many people are starting to get back to some level of normalcy. It's interesting to see how this is affecting different SaaS businesses in this tweet thread.

It's a great time to be focusing on customer retention and reducing churn.

We have been plowing more work into making Churnkey better. Here's what's new!

🌟 Crazy Churnkey Customer Success Metrics

Our year-to-date-results are updated and we are even more bullish on what Churnkey can do for SaaS companies.

  • Churnkey customers retain 40% of their users (on average) who enter the cancellation funnel.
  • Multiple Churnkey customers are saving hundreds of clients each month.
  • Churnkey has already retained over 3,000 subscribers.

πŸ‘€ Cancellation Flow Preview

While building your Churnkey cancellation flows, you can now preview the what the flow will look like for your customers by clicking the πŸ‘οΈ icon in the top menu bar. Finally!


πŸ“Š In The Dashboard

The Cancellation Insights report can now be filtered by plan billing intervals and specific plan ID's.


The sessions results pane is now paginated to help with organization and better loading speeds.


⏸️ Update to Cancellation Flow For Paused Customers

When a paused user enters your cancellation flow, an updated state will show their resume date and allow the customer to cancel (which will override the cancel).


πŸ†• Free Churn Calculator

We launched a new Churn Calculator that lets you visualize your current churn, how it impacts your growth ceiling, and how Churnkey could help optimize your profits over the long run. Visit to see how much bigger your business can be when you reduce churn.


🏁 Ready To Get Started With Churnkey?

The results we're seeing are simply stunning. That's why we'll give you twice your money back (view our pricing here) if we can't retain more customers for you. To put it another way, that's a 200% refund if you don't get results.

You can signup and self install by registering here. Or, schedule a 30-minute implementation call and we'll walk you through 1:1 setup.