Preview: "Build with AI" writes and rewrites your cancel flows for you

Preview: "Build with AI" writes and rewrites your cancel flows for you

There's nothing worse than a blank text box and a blinking cursor, especially when you're just starting out with cancel flows. That changes with "Build with AI."

How "Build with AI" works for creating new cancel flows

  • Tell Churnkey AI about your customers, if you have any goals or constraints you want to apply to the cancel flow, and our Al generate everything for you.
  • You can even ask the AI to write in a specific tone, say "friendly and approachable" versus "concise and direct."
  • Churnkey AI will even craft audience rules if you want to segment specific customers.

We're launching this as a preview—we want to direct the AI a bit more before we release it widely—so email me at "scott" at if you want to get in on the early access bit.

"Rework with AI" improves the performance of your existing cancel flows

Churnkey AI isn't just for new cancel flows. If you want to improve the performance of your existing cancel flows, you can rework any of them with the press of a button, re-generating as much as you see fit.

This works especially well for cancel flows segments that:

  • Aren't performing as well as you'd like, and want to try something new.
  • Require a different type of copywriting, offers, and survey options than you're used to shipping.
  • Want to launch A/B tests for your cancel flows, but need help crafting the right mix of messaging and offers.

In addition to Insights AI—which analyzes, sorts, and categories your company's qualitative customer feedback at scale—we're looking for all kinds of ways to take the burden of retention ops off of your shoulders. More to come, so watch this space for more.