Build your company like a product | Sahil Lavingia (Founder & CEO, Gumroad)

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About Sahil

Sahil Lavingia is an entrepreneur, investor, writer, and painter. He’s the founder of Gumroad, which empowers creators to sell goods and memberships with little overhead. Gumroad runs as a lean, open startup with a no-meeting, no full-time culture, and now generates $20 million per year in revenue. He published his first book, The Minimalist Entrepreneur, in 2021 through Portfolio.

What we discussed:

  • How a pricing increase defied expectations
  • The importance of social consensus in building a strong brand
  • Why market dynamics and cash flow are crucial in software pricing decisions
  • Effects of cheap money on the software industry
  • Asynchronous and written-word-first approach aids in scaling and product development
  • Automating workflows and rewards for better efficiency
  • Shipping products to maintain relevance and retain customers
  • Why experimentation with AI can improve business processes
  • Building products remotely and how to use it to foster creativity
  • Why equity and dividends contribute to long-term business sustainability
  • How prioritizing health and fitness unlocked a new level of Sahil's overall wellbeing
  • Recent books he read: The Snowball (Warren Buffet) and Better to Have Gone

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