How to become a one-person media empire | Rob Walling (TinySeed, MicroConf, Drip)

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In this episode, I sit down with Rob Walling β€” serial entrepreneur, investor, founder of TinySeed, MicroConf, and host of a bunch of hugely popular podcasts, including Startups for the Rest of Us.

The Ted Lasso chant "He’s here! He’s there! He’s every f*cking where!" about Roy Kent pops into my head on occasion. This is especially true when I think of Rob.

About Rob

When he's not investing in 100+ SaaS companies across four continents (via TinySeed), he's publishing the most popular podcast about non-VC track startups (Startups for the Rest of Us), rocking MicroConf throughout the world, and publishing multiple videos a week on YouTube for entrepreneurs.

Oh, and he just wrote his fourth book, "The SaaS Playbook: How to Build a Million-Dollar Startup Without Venture Capital β€” Advice From Someone Who’s Done It 3 Times."

Rob's spoken a lot about building companies (and given us a lot of advice, since TinySeed invested in Churnkey).

But I haven't heard him speak a lot about how he produces so much high-value content. So we dive into his production pipeline in great detail and get behind the "why" of what he's putting out there.

And along the way, we talk about the importance of mental well-being for founders, how he almost broke down at the time he sold Drip, how he faces down risk and indecision, and so much more.

What we discuss

  • Discussing Rob Walling's SaaS Playbook and founder self-care
  • Rob's motivation to write the book and unique approach
  • Choosing Kickstarter over traditional book deals for launch
  • The importance of social media and marketing in SaaS
  • Prioritizing self-care and mental well-being as a founder
  • Building a media empire and consistently producing content
  • Rob's experience with burnout and the power of therapy
  • Streamlining the SaaS startup process with the SaaS Playbook
  • Overcoming challenges and embracing self-care in high-stress environments
  • Rob's mantra "it'll be alright" to face risks and decisions
  • Utilizing alternative marketing techniques to increase reach
  • The value of therapy and maintaining mental health in entrepreneurship