Write your way to 3.5x more conversions: a mini masterclass in conversion copywriting | Joanna Wiebe (Copyhackers)

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How to listen

About Joanna

In this episode, I spoke with Joanna Wiebe, founder of Copyhackers and the “OG conversion copywriter.” Joanna is an incredible teacher through her great content and many courses, and works with companies like Canva, Intuit, and MetaLab to up their conversion game.

Here's what we cover

You’ll hear Joanna discuss persuasive copywriting techniques, the role of AI in copywriting, and the importance of writing craft. Joanna shares her insights on creating user-centric copy that leads to increased conversions, how to write for your product's audience, and what it takes to make  offers irresistable.

Discussion Points

  • Conversion copywriting: words that get the 'yes'
  • Negative associations with persuasive copywriting
  • Importance of being user-centric in copy
  • Utilizing stages of awareness in copywriting
  • Finding abundant ROI in improving conversion rates
  • Core elements of successful copywriting: list, offer, and copy
  • Creating irresistible offers for better conversions
  • Using first-person and quotation marks in headlines
  • AI as a sidekick for idea generation in copywriting
  • Limits and potential of AI in copywriting
  • Prioritizing tasks and avoiding 'Make Work' projects
  • Importance of showing up and sticking with it


Her company, Copyhackers: https://copyhackers.com
Joanna on Twitter: https://twitter.com/copyhackers
Joanna’s New Newsletter: https://joannawiebe.substack.com

About your host, Scott Hurff

Scott Hurff is a co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Churnkey. He was on the founding team of Tinder’s first acquisition, where he created some of the app’s most successful early revenue features. He was on the founding team of Casa, the world’s first consumer-friendly Bitcoin self-custody provider. O’Reilly published his book, Designing Products People Love, which Scott Berkun called “a thoughtful and charming guidebook for making great things.”

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