How to scale customer success at every SaaS stage | Jay Nathan (EVP & CCO Higher Logic, co-founder Gain Grow Retain)

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Now that the days of cheap money and spending your way out of problems is over, SaaS companies are in a sudden search for newfound efficiencies. But how do you pull that off while maintaining and creating deep customer relationships?

Jay Nathan has the answers.

Jay's one of the foremost customer success experts in the world, and he knows how to lead and scale SaaS customer success teams in a world where there's no more free money. On top of that, he's one of the foremost thought leaders in the CS space—having co-founded Gain Grow Retain, one of the alrgest and most vibrant Customer Success Leadership communities in the world—and through his leadership as EVP & CCO at Higher Logic.

In this episode, we dive into the specifics of building scalable customer success programs, the customer-centric companies he admires, and drop some breaking news: Jay is joining us at Churnkey as our first strategic advisor as we cross the $1 billion mark of protected subscription revenue.

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Here's what we cover 👇

  • How Jay uses his prolific writing to solve problems in his own life and career
  • The market correction's impact on SaaS companies
  • Scaling customer success teams and operations
  • The power of online communities in customer success
  • Customer-centricity: Amazon and Southwest Airlines case studies
  • ✨ Jay’s recent appointment to Churnkey's Board of Advisors
  • How he decides which companies to invest his time and money in
  • Importance of being customer-centric in the SaaS industry


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