How to build a business that lasts | Jason Fried (CEO & Co-founder, 37signals, Basecamp, HEY)

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About Jason

Jason Fried is co-founder and CEO of 37signals, the makers of Basecamp and HEY. He's a best-selling author of four books about work, design, and building calm companies.

Here's what we cover with in this episode

Jason discusses the valuable insights he gained from his four-week sabbatical and the importance of taking time away from work. He also shares his views on writing, content creation, and embracing AI to unleash creativity. The conversation delves into the future of technology, the implications of AI on creativity, and the power of stepping back to gain a fresh perspective.

Oh, and we also got to compare notes on our mutual love for vintage watches.

Discussion Points

  1. Jason Fried's sabbatical
  2. Gaining fresh perspectives
  3. Writing and content creation
  4. Importance of staying power
  5. Embracing AI in creativity
  6. AI-driven visual recognition
  7. AI for summarization
  8. Future of AI in technology
  9. The most improbably thing Jason would like to do


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About your host, Scott Hurff

Scott Hurff is a co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Churnkey. He was on the founding team of Tinder’s first acquisition, where he created some of the app’s most successful early revenue features. He was on the founding team of Casa, the world’s first consumer-friendly Bitcoin self-custody provider. O’Reilly published his book, Designing Products People Love, which Scott Berkun called “a thoughtful and charming guidebook for making great things.”

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