Interlude: from nearly out of cash to achieving 300% revenue growth & profitability in 8 months | Nick Fogle (CEO & co-founder, Churnkey)

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We're taking a little break from our usual lineup of guests to peel back the curtain on our story. For our first interlude, I sit down with my business partner and co-founder, Nick Fogle.

About Nick

He's a lawyer-turned-SaaS-founder who also happens to be an engineer, and while working together to build Churnkey, I've seen him morph into a sales leader, as well. We cover all this and more, including some breaking news about a 🚨 TOP SECRET product release we're making public for the first time!

How to listen

Here's what we cover 👇

  • A wild eight months: how we went from nearly out of cash to reaching profitability and 300% revenue growth
  • How we knew we reached product-market fit
  • Managing sales, along with everything else, as a CEO
  • Avoiding burnout!
  • Scaling the way we build product as we grow the team beyond the founders
  • How to grow with capital efficiency

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