Build business partnerships that last | Daryn Kelley (Stripe)

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Daryn is an expert at sourcing, crafting, and maintaining business partnerships that deliver real business results. We chat about her journey from Box to Stripe, the launch of Stripe's App Marketplace, and how Stripe is strengthening its ecosystem with the help of third-party apps.

With insights from Stripe's annual user conference, Daryn highlights the importance of communication and collaboration in partnership building, and the potential of embedded apps to revolutionize the Stripe ecosystem for everyone participating.

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What we discuss πŸ‘‡

  • Building partnerships for Stripe's App Marketplace
  • Daryn’s journey from Box to Stripe
  • Launch of Stripe's App Marketplace
  • Importance of communication and collaboration
  • Evolving focus on product partnerships
  • Embedded apps revolutionizing Stripe ecosystem
  • Balancing remote and in-person work
  • Practicing mindfulness with Oliver Sacks' Gratitude
  • Importance of regular communication in partnerships

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