How to unlock crazy fast customer-led growth in SaaS | Claire Suellentrop (Forget the Funnel)

Claire Suellentrop is co-founder of Forget the Funnel, a fresh marketing approach for SaaS companies.

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In this episode, I sit down with Claire Suellentrop, co-founder of Forget the Funnel. Β Forget the Funnel is a fresh marketing approach for SaaS companies, a book, an agency, and a series of courses. Claire co-created Forget the Funnel with Georgiana Laudi after her experience leading marketing at Calendly. She's now helped some of the world's top companies unlock needle-moving insights through customer research and Forget the Funnel's approach.

I loved this episode; I went back to take notes I could apply to my own work, focusing on Claire's advice on how to:

  • unlock crazy fast customer-led growth
  • ask the right research questions to get the best insights
  • re-frame marketing to adapt to the unique needs of SaaS businesses

How to listen

What we discuss πŸ‘‡

  • How to apply customer-led growth in SaaS businesses
  • Understanding the 'Forget the Funnel' approach
  • Importance of customer feedback in business development
  • How customer journey mapping can transform your business
  • Rethinking Pirate Metrics
  • Creating order out of chaos in workload management
  • Imagining impactful urban development in SaaS business
  • Breaking down large projects into manageable parts
  • Customer feedback can uncover business blind spots
  • Ideas for developing a plot of land for the neighborhood
  • Stockpiling research and data for later in life


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