We’ve Joined The TinySeed Accelerator Fall 2021 Batch (TinySeed F21)

We’re a part of the Fall 2021 Batch alongside other great companies.

We’ve Joined The TinySeed Accelerator Fall 2021 Batch (TinySeed F21)

TL;DR — Churnkey is a part of TinySeed’s Fall 2021 cohort!

This month marks exactly a year since we started working on Churnkey. Our goal: to help SaaS companies reduce voluntary churn, build stronger businesses, and be better to their customers with personalized cancellation experiences. Since then, we launched to a waitlist of over 100 companies, built out our product offering with amazing features like Segmentation, and currently boast an average save rate of 34%. (most of our customers save between 20-42% of cancelling subscribers!).

For the next act in our journey, we’re excited to officially announce that Churnkey is a part of the TinySeed startup accelerator program! We’re a part of the Fall 2021 Batch, alongside other great companies like Keeping, Tonomo, Trendful, and Suggestion Ox.

What’s TinySeed?

TinySeed is an accelerator program that helps bootstrapped startups grow more quickly. It’s part mentorship program, part network, and part investor.

Serial entrepreneurs Rob Walling and Einar Vollset founded TinySeed (as well as MicroConf), and they built it to help early-stage SaaS companies grow without having to raise venture capital. With traditional fundraising comes loss of control and immense pressure to grow at all costs. We identified with their values and were eager to join forces. Thankfully, we were accepted—while TinySeed receives hundreds of applications for each batch, their acceptance rate is less than two percent.

Joining TinySeed

Churnkey was built alongside two social media marketing SaaS products. Both of these products we scaled to hundreds of thousands of customers. We know how to run consumer-style SaaS products.

But Churnkey is not a B2C product. It’s our first B2B-focused SaaS, and we knew we needed to learn new skills—fast. And while we’re bootstrappers at heart, we realized over the past few months that we could use help with:

  • Capital: running a B2B SaaS business and getting it off the ground requires a tremendous amount of resources. It takes a concerted effort between sales, marketing, and engineering to constantly push through the noise. We identified multiple areas we could grow faster if we had the help.
  • Mentorship: working with experienced mentors that have built B2B SaaS products appealed to us to help us navigate the waters and avoid any potential pitfalls.
  • Expanding Our Network: joining the TinySeed network comes with fantastic benefits.

Our goal with the investment and input of the TinySeed team into Churnkey is to continue doing much of the same as we’ve done in our first year, just doing it faster and better with their help.

If you have any questions about this program—or what it means for you—just give us a shout at [email protected].

Keep Building,

Baird, Nick, Scott, & Rob

The Churnkey Team