Launch: build better products with our AI

Launch: build better products with our AI

Sharing raw customer feedback with your team is one of the best ways to spark grounded, effective, and satisfying product improvements.

Yes, but: sourcing helpful customer feedback can be a full time job in and of itself. You need to vet it, categorize it, and send it to the right internal teams.

Effortless feedback sourcing and sharing

That's why we're making this process a little easier. Sourcing and sharing qualitative feedback is now live.

  • Every week, our AI sifts through your freeform, qualitative feedback and chooses up to 15 of the most useful, relevant, and urgent pieces.
  • Sharing is easy: with one click, you can download a beautiful image that can be dropped in Slack, Teams, email, Twitter (X?), LinkedIn, or your internal product notes.

Here's an example bit of feedback, sourced by our AI and shared directly from Churnkey's dashboard:

Cancel flows generate a diamond mine of improvement ideas and we want your teams to be able to leverage it effortlessly.

"Build with AI" cancel flow generation is now live

And there's more: generate cancel flow steps, copy, and offers with a simple prompt via our AI. Control tone, offer assertiveness, and so much more.

Just click "Build with AI," give it a little info, and we'll do the rest. Everything is done for you.