Launch: Managed Email-Verified Cancel Flows

Launch: Managed Email-Verified Cancel Flows

Cancel flows are powerful for every type of subscription business, including those that don't have traditional customer account configurations. Think accounts that are verified by something other than a password, or subscriptions that live on no-code platforms.

Fall into any of these categories? We've got you covered with our new Managed Email-Verified Cancel Flows.

How it works

  1. Copy our pre-baked code, then paste it into your site and cancel button. Then simply write your copy and set up your offers in our editor.
  2. Point your cancellation traffic our way. We'll handle customer verification via email.
  3. To start the cancellation process, your customers will receive a code to prove their identity, then proceed through the cancel flow like normal.

A secure and speedy way to get started

If you want to get our cancel flows up and running as quickly as possible, these Churnkey-managed flows can save you a little extra time. Instead of asking you to generate security tokens, we handle that side for you.

Speaking of security, we've built in all kinds of precautions like rate-limiting, identity verification, code rotation, timeouts, and all the usual goodies to keep your customer and billing data secure.

Available now with wide-ranging support

Managed Email-Verified Cancel Flows are availble now with support for all of the following platforms:

Ready to implement with no code

We've got docs ready to go if you want to learn more before going live.

Thanks, and see you out there.