Launch: Explore Every Customer’s Journey with Timelines

Customer Timelines give you a clear rollup of how every customer responds to invoices, cancel flows, and payment recovery efforts.

Scott Hurff

Scott Hurff

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Seeing how customers move through your product is standard operating procedure for product optimization and usage analysis. But when you need to analyze billing, retention, feedback, and payment recovery operations, where do you turn? 

That’s why we shipped Customer Timelines. Now, you can get a clear rollup of how every customer responds to invoices, cancel flows, and payment recovery efforts. 

The Benefits of Customer Timelines

Churnkey Customer Timeline Example

Just like our cancel flow session recordings, experiencing your customers’ journey through invoicing and Churnkey’s retention products has a number of benefits:

  1. Uncover behavioral patterns across customer types. 
  2. Diagnose problems like chargebacks or lackluster offer uptake.
  3. See LTV extension happen before your eyes by seeing downstream effects of cancel flows and dunning campaigns.

Here’s a taste of all the data you can experience from Customer Timelines:

  • Subscription tier, status, total paid, and complete payment history
  • Cancel flow offer, outcome, and qualitative feedback
  • Dunning campaign reaction and payment 

Get Customer Timelines for Your Subscription Business

If you’re not a Churnkey customer, it’s easy to get access to Customer Timelines. Sign up today, send me an email (scott at churnkey dot co) to learn more, or schedule a quick chat to ask us anything that’s on your mind.

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