Launch: Cancel Flow A/B Testing

Churnkey’s Cancel Flow is the most modern, adaptable, and easy to use in the subscription industry. A/B tests simplify your decision-making process.

Scott Hurff

Scott Hurff

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Getting everything right when it comes to setting up a cancel flow can be overwhelming: right segment, right copywriting, right questions, right offers. 

Simplifying Your Decisionmaking Process

🤩 That's why getting our new A/B testing suite in your hands is incredibly exciting:

  • A/B tests are easy to deploy from within the Churnkey admin and don't require any intervention from data or engineering teams.
  • Testing happens at the cancel flow segment level, which means you have the freedom to modify any details you'd like—from copy to offers and everything in between.
  • A copy of a Churnkey Cancel Flow segment is made automatically so you don’t have to copy and paste anything. Just modify what you want to test, and you’re done.
  • We handle experimentation for you, deterministically randomizing cancel flow sessions based on customer ID.

You can create an A/B test for any one of your Cancel Flow Segments. Simply select "Create A/B Test" in the dropdown next to one to begin.

Once you’ve run enough sessions through your A/B test to discover a statistically significant result, you can end the A/B test by choosing a winner. Once chosen, the winning Cancel Flow Segment will replace the test and become the selected flow for that particular segment. 

More to Come

Churnkey’s Cancel Flow is the most modern, adaptable, and easy to use in the subscription industry. A/B tests are live in every account today. 

And if you aren’t a Churnkey customer, start a free trial or book a meeting with us now.

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