Launch: Block Functionality for Paused and Past-Due Accounts Without Any Dev Time

Pause and Past Due Walls make life easier for both our Cancel Flow and Failed Payment Recovery automated retention products.

Launch: Block Functionality for Paused and Past-Due Accounts Without Any Dev Time

This month, we dropped two new enhancements that make life easier for both our Cancel Flow and Failed Payment Recovery (dunning) automated retention products.

Introducing: Pause Wall

Now it's no longer on your dev team to detect customer pauses and take action. When paused customers sign into your product, Churnkey detects it and gently blocks feature access.

  • Customers can resume access by reactivating their subscription inline.
  • Yes, they can cancel outright if that’s what your customer wants to do.

Why the Pause Wall Is Important

After a customer chooses to pause their subscription with you, it’s important that you follow through with the expectation that their account access will be limited. While we’ve encountered SaaS business models that allow for paid-level feature access for free, these models are rare and dip into non-profit realms.

Furthermore, circumstances might change. Your customer might want to re-enable their subscription before their pause period ends. Churnkey’s Pause Wall makes these sorts of changes simple to enable at scale.

Introducing: “Past Due” Wall

On that same note, spending dev time to block delinquent accounts doesn't feel like a great way to spend precious resources.

  • Now, you can detect accounts who were cancelled due to overdue payments and block access using Churnkey.
  • Even better, we direct these customers to update their cards inline.

Why the Past Due Wall Is important

Providing context to customers whose accounts were cancelled due to nonpayment accomplishes a few things:

  1. It happens automatically. Once they sign in, they’ll get this friendly, up-front modal.
  2. It increases payment recovery rates by offering an easy-to-use inline “update card” form. This form is optimized for quick conversion and, if you’re using Apple Pay and/or Google Pay, they’ll be present automatically.
  3. It shows that you have a history with this customer and that you respect this history. You’re not cancelling their account and making them onboard again. Instead you’re showing that you care about them enough to remember their settings and usage data, and that you want to give them another shot to update their card.

Deploy Pause and Past Due Walls Easily

If you’re not a Churnkey customer, it’s easy to get started with Pause and Past Due Walls. Sign up today, send me an email (scott at churnkey dot co) to learn more, or schedule a quick chat to ask us anything that’s on your mind.