How To Interview Churned Customers?

Interviewing churned customers is a great way to get qualitative feedback to your team. This article shows how you can automate feedback collection with Churnkey.

How To Interview Churned Customers?
PLG Geek's newsletter inspired this post. Ben recommends interviewing churned customers as a great way to identify points of friction in the product. This article shows you how you can use Churnkey to accomplish it.

Users that leave for a specific reason

Say you want to interview all users that are leaving due to technical issues.

You could set up a flow in Churnkey and offer users the option to speak to a PM on your team.

If you want to go a step further, Churnkey lets you personalize the gift voucher based on their tier.

A specific segment of users

If you know the exact type of audience you want to speak to, you can create a segment.

In this example, we've filtered the audience based on their usage levels and subscription price. You could filter based on their subscription age, billing period and more.

For this segment, you can present an interview as the 'Initial Offer'. An initial offer in Churnkey refers to the offer customers see before they choose reasons like 'Budget, Technical Issues', etc.


You can use tools like Calendy, SavvyCal, or to schedule links. They come with round-robin distribution if you have a large team.

For distributing rewards, you can use Tremendous. Tremendous offers customers upto 2,000 different gift cards for popular brands like Amazon, Uber, and Visa cards that work globally.

Churnkey: You know the only way to improve your business is to listen to customers, but it’s really hard to do it at scale. Then there are customer interviews, which are more time-intensive. But with Churnkey, you can gather, analyze freeform customer feedback and categorize it automatically so it's easy to take action.

Thanks again to PLGeek for inspiring this idea!