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Churnkey integrates with a number of billing and CRM tools. Don't see what you need? Let's talk.

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Churnkey is a stripe verified partner
Keep your finger on the pulse of your customer base with real-time Slack alerts. Worried about a longtime customer’s happiness? Launch a new pricing plan and want to see who’s thinking about leaving? Get real-time alerts for every cancellation attempt, every offer taken, every pause.
Build custom integrations on top of Churnkey's secure, real-time infrastructure. Plug into any app that accepts HTTPS POST requests. Attach rich cancel session data to CRM records, support hubs, data warehouses, and more.

“ Over the last 45 days, I've been able to lower churn by over 40% thanks to Churnkey's cancellation survey and win-back offers. As a super busy CEO, I love how simple Churnkey makes it to integrate, manage, and track. I'm just surprised my churn has dropped that fast. ”

Austin Bouley
CEO of Impeccable Investor

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